The Delicious World of Sri Lankan Condiments

The Delicious World of Sri Lankan Condiments

For those that want to explore some of the more delicious accents to their meal,s you must try the array of spicy dishes that accompanies each main entry. Following are some of the main condiments worth trying out:


imagesA mainstay of any Sri Lankan dish, chutneys are usually a nice and sweet accent to any dish that you may add to a dish. Typically made from a variety of tropical fruits including: papayas, mangoes, pineapple or dates. Their is an endless variety of chutneys made around the island. If you like things more spicy, then there are also chile versions that are available for tasting.

141017154009-sri-lanka-food-11-horizontal-galleryCoconut Sambol

Dried coconut flakes with hot pepper, spice and fiery hot chile are added to this dry condiment. For those who want to have a nice hot accent to their dishes, this is the perfect compliment to any entry from breakfast dishes to an evening meal

Mint Sambol2

A spicy but not hot (chile) accent, the mint sambol is a really nice complement for an added flavor to any meal. It’s a cooler alternative condiment made primarily with mint and a variety of spices, lime and coconut ingredients. Mint sambol adds a refreshing touch to any beef or chicken dish, but also works well with fish.

Shrimp Sambol

shA favorite sambol with a seafood punch, it’s perfect with seafood dishes or any other entree that you may want to infuse extra shrimp flavoring. Made primarily with small dried shrimp, this is a very pungent and tasty condiment to add to your plate.


When you stay at any Cinnamon Hotel, make sure to look out for these condiments typically next to the entree stations at a buffet or if you are ordering a la carte, there may be a station available. Also, you can request a sample tray of condiments to go with your meal and they will be more than happy to oblige and bring these to your table. Enjoy them and watch for some of the very spicy sambols with chiles, they really do pack a punch.

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