Your 21st Century Backyard

Your 21st Century Backyard

Integrated living is slowly becoming the trendiest way to live in the city. This new phenomenon of living in environments with your every need at hand has also caught Colombo by storm with the upcoming Cinnamon Life integrated development. To understand what living in an integrated complex is like, let us show you what your backyard will look like:

We constantly complain about the lack of time to do the thing we really want to because our lives are governed by the rat race. Wouldn’t it be nice to be presented with an alternative where you actually have the time to stop and smell the roses? Living in an environment that makes your life easier and saves you precious time are bound to make you happy. Cinnamon Life presents a new way of living, letting you engage in the thing you want to, from indulging in hobbies to spending quality time with loved ones.

Integrated development is fast becoming a fashion statement with younger professionals and for good reason: if you have the convenience of your every need within reach – preferably in your backyard – it makes life all the more convenient. Cinnamon Life also promotes sustainable living for residents and business operators, letting you walk to your destination or just take a short drive.

Cinnamon Life has been designed as a one-stop centre for all your needs, incorporating convenient components to integrate and compliment the many things your life is about. The residential towers are designed to co-exist with a shopping mall with separate entrances that include a drop off lobby, private residence entrances, exclusive car parks and separate security.

It also promotes the idea of live, work and play in a single location, allowing for convenience at every turn. Reducing traffic and pollution with lower usage of cars, better quality living, less time wasted commuting, pedestrian-friendly environments within the vicinity and the ability to live near all your needs combine to make this the new benchmark for 21st century living. Space to unwind and enjoy a cup of coffee and places to mingle with friends are features added specially to incorporate the essence of your lifestyle.

Integrated living endeavours to help you live a healthier and better quality life and keeps all your needs in the vicinity of your home. Just walk out of your apartment and down to the walkways lined with trees and some beautiful scenery or just pop down to the gym a few floors away. Maybe do a bit of grocery shopping on your way back home or take your family out to dinner downstairs. Everything you need literally is in your backyard when you live at Cinnamon Life.

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