The George Calombaris Experience

The George Calombaris Experience

Let me take you through the Five Course Greek Feast curated by Masterchef George Calombaris. I was welcomed with Cosmopolitan’s and a refreshing Greek cocktail. After mingling with other excited guests, we were ushered into an experience that was unforgettable.


Mushroom, Cashew, Cucumber and Coconut Water with Pickled Cucumber and Herbs

The opening dish for the evening was a Mushroom, Cashew, Cucumber plunged over an exquisite  Coconut water broth! Don’t get me wrong, I’m no vegetarian. Even though I wasn’t served the fish, I’d take this accident as a brilliant one, as it gave me the opportunity to try two starters.

Our table was looked after by Mr. Kusal who was our host, and he was nice enough to fix up the correct dish instantly. The personalized service with a constant flow of wine was a nice touch.


Fish, Cashew, Cucumber and Coconut Water with Pickled Cucumber and Herbs

This was what I was supposed to be served to begin with (I’m not complaining.) Just admire the beautiful colours presented on this dish. I feel that every dish was looked into detail: portion size, if the colours were balanced, if the broth was sufficient or not and most importantly, the taste of what was being plated. I thought it was admirable and brought about so many different flavours. The fish was cooked wonderfully and was well accompanied with the broth.


Variations of Beetroot, Dashi, Yoghurt, Onion and Peanut Praline

Our next course was the Variations of Beetroot, Dashi, Yoghurt, Onion and Peanut Praline, which was tea smoked, pickled, raw and roasted. The Beetroot that was served was so fresh with  tangy yoghurt and onions that have been drenched in a rich vinaigrette. We really start to appreciate fresh produce when we can achieve dishes like this. This dish was bursting with so many flavours; sweetness, bitterness, with the toasted peanuts adding to that crunchy element. The dish was well-balanced, pleasant and so light.


The Prawn Kataifi with Black Tea Tarama

This dish reminded me of my visit to George Calombaris’s Gazi Restaurant. Each bite reminded me of how much I had enjoyed it. Once again, to be able to re-taste it, was a dream come true. I truly took pleasure on the crispy touches and then there’s never too much of dipping sauce. The sprinkled tea salt expresses quite the unique flavour. The Prawns were cooked beautifully!


Mangosteen Coolis/Sorbet with Meringue

Pre-dessert was served! This was creative! It cuts out all the rich flavours from the main meal and refreshes all your senses and the palate. I love the idea of the dessert being served in a Mangosteen too.


Tea Bastorma Spiced Short Rib, Radishes and Feta Roti

The balance of flavours in this dish was amazing. The beef was delicate and melted in your mouth, with every bite. The Radish and the Feta Roti added to the the serving as a whole.


Tea Panna Cotta, Milk Ice Cream, Guava Granite and Wild Rice Crunchies

The infusion with all the ingredients mentioned above was unforgettable! The rich fruity flavour was balanced with the subtle tea and crunchy wild rice, which was slightly toasted. This brought about a beautiful aroma, as you spoon through all the layers. It was almost too beautiful to eat.


Fan girl moment!

It was such a pleasure meeting Masterchef George Calombaris and to be able to share thoughts on infusing Sri Lankan spices . I am thankful to have the opportunity to attend the Greek Feast hosted by Cinnamon Life,  for introducing me to new flavours and inspiring me to keep on enhancing my culinary skills.

Cinnamon Life is envisioned as Colombo’s Life Capital, a city within the city of Colombo – an integrated resort catering to a wide audience with a variety of hospitality and entertainment. The project will consist of an 800 room luxury hotel, apartments, office spaces, retail mall and entertainment facilities among other world-class attractions. The iconic design by Cecil Balmond will have a built up area of 4.5 million square feet and is intended to be the epi-center of modern South Asia.

Photography and Review by Maheeka Samayadasa

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