Why You Should Visit The Elixir of Life; Tropic Bar at Hikka Tranz by Cinnamon

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The perfect getaway consists of the following: uninterrupted views of the beach, a cocktail in hand and excellent company, everything that makes you feel alive. The Tropic Bar at Hikka Tranz by Cinnamon is the embodiment of this concept. From the lively plants decorating the interior, the upbeat music and to the friendly bartenders, all elements of the bar celebrate life and all its moments, good and otherwise.

The Tropic Bar is a place your worries will be left at the threshold. Amongst the crashing waves and the eccentric interiors and the cocktails that come in all flavours sweet, spicy, and sour, you will soon find yourself swaying to the music and feel lighter as your worldly troubles slip away. Here, everything is a new experience yet delivered with the familiar luxury of Cinnamon making you fall in love with the thrill of being alive.


The Tropic Bar has two infamous cocktails: the Chili Martini and the Gin Pincha. The drinks are of colour with unique flavours you will only find in Hikka Tranz. The Chili Martini is made by muddling a few secret ingredients and shaken and poured into a martini glass. On the other hand, the recipe for Gin Pincha is too kept undisclosed. It is served on the rocks and is the perfect combination of sweet and spice. While these are just two of the plethora of cocktails prepared here, they have the punch to bring you alive and have you dancing the night away, making your stay in the party central of Sri Lanka a most memorable one.

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An element that catches the eye of all those who step in the bar is the custom painting of the tropical birds. This adds colour to the set up and brings the theme of tropics to the bar, offering the customers a wholesome tropical experience. Hikkaduwa is crowded with eager partygoers making it the party central of the island. The city is waiting for the next big party and the Tropic Bar makes it happen every night.


Among the tropical plants, birds and the exotic cocktails is the sound of laughter of friends turned family. The setting is casual, and the crowd is clad in beach shirts and shorts. The weekend away at Hikka Tranz by Cinnamon soothing enough to rejuvenate you for the week that awaits but the Tropics Bar is a must visit to complete your getaway. Spend your day at the golden beach, dip in the pool in the evening and head over to Tropic Bar to watch the sun go down while you live it up, the perfect recipe for the picture-perfect getaway.

Life can be challenging, rough and even weary but at the Tropic Bar, it is nothing but good. We have concocted the elixir of life to remind you of the good times and the lasting memories that will have you coming back for more. Book your next visit at Hikka Tranz by Cinnamon for a truly transcending getaway with your friends and family and visit the Tropic Bar to embrace the spirit of life and let us take you to a different state of mind where life happens at its best. Let the week end, and the party begin.

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