Sri Lanka Photography Tour; The best Instagrammable places in our Paradise Island

Sri Lanka is indeed a Paradise Island richly endowed with rich cultural history, endless beaches, picturesque landscapes, timeless ruins, the finest wildlife and much more all of which would ensure an insta-worthy trip. Today, no trip is complete without a few Instagram posts to make your followers ooh and aah at the delights of your travels. A Sri Lanka Photography Tour is an experience of a lifetime for all travelers and a photographer’s paradise. So what makes Sri Lanka so Instagram worthy?

Here is a compilation of the best Instagrammable places in Sri Lanka to revitalize and add that spark to your feed:

1. Beautifully diverse Colombo

Colombo, with 1.2 million hashtags on Instagram takes the top spot in the list of best Instagrammable places in Sri Lanka and is the perfect representation of the country’s diverse inhabitants. Colombo offers a scintillating experience to its travelers, despite being the commercial capital of Sri Lanka. The city is brimming with history, culture, food and stunning beaches. The Galle Face Green offers the best view of the beach and the brilliantly red sunset which can be enjoyed whilst treating yourself to some mouth-watering and succulent Sri Lankan Street food. The newly built “Nelum Kuluna” 350m in height and the tallest self-supported structure in South Asia, The Pettah Floating Market, The National Museum and the varying range of food on offer, from local street food to international cuisine, makes the Instagram feed of a traveler incomplete without a few posts from beautiful Colombo. Cinnamon Life, the iconic integrated multi-faceted development, is a city within a city that will redefine Colombo’s skyline and be the epicentre of modern South Asia. Cecil Balmond, an internationally renowned artist, architect and engineer has set the stage for Cinnamon Life as Colombo’s most exclusive entity and making it one of the most iconic landmarks in Sri Lanka. The building can be found in the heart of Colombo and will be a fabulous backdrop for taking Instagram worthy pictures.

colombo new

2. Historic and ancient city of Kandy

Kandy, situated in a stunning natural landscape of rolling hills and mountains never cease to leave travelers in a jaw dropping excitement with its evocative and lush green landscapes. The Temple of the Tooth in all its ancient majesty and sacrality, the breathtaking landscape and scenery from the Viewpoint, the flora and herbage of the Peradeniya Botanical Gardens and the city of Kandy in its entirety makes for Instagram worthy Sri Lankan landscape photographs that are guaranteed countless likes.

kandy new

3. Significant yet picturesque city of Galle

Galle is a must-see destination in Sri Lanka which is yet another one of the Best Instagrammable Places in this Paradise Isle. Rich in historic and cultural importance, the scenic Galle lighthouse, Dutch Fort and its sprawling lavish sandy beaches make Galle a tourist hotspot and the perfect destination to add some colour to your feed.

galle new
Photo Credits : Нота-Тревел

4. The Golden Beaches of the Southern Coast

The southern coast line of Sri Lanka is the place to be if you wish to explore the most pristine shores & azure waters of the sea. With almost over 1 million hashtags on Instagram, the Southern Coast of Sri Lanka has evidently never failed to present some Instagram worthy photographs to its travelers. Between the clean, warm water and the beautiful landscape, there is the thrilling adventure of whale and dolphin watching. There’s no better place to capture the Instagram worthy beauty of Sri Lanka’s sprawling golden beaches and its sea life.

sunset new
Photo Credits: Rod Ruales

5. Wildlife adventures at Yala and Minneriya

If you are not in Sri Lanka only for the relaxation that its sandy shores have to offer, an adventure packed safari in the Wildlife sanctuaries of Sri Lanka would surely enliven your Instagram feed. An escapade into the Yala National Park to spot Leopards and the Elephant haven in Minneriya would not only be a great photographic opportunity but would also make your friends back home envious of your travels here in the Paradise Island.

minneriya new
Photo Credits: Anna Lisa & Porter

6. Iconic Train ride to Ella

The seven-hour train journey from Colombo to Ella is considered to be one of the most picturesque and scenic train rides in the world. The scenery throughout the journey is breathtaking as it takes you through stunning landscapes of green and lush tea plantations, mountain views, old and exquisite bridges, sparkling waterfalls and small villages all of which make this train trip one of the most Instagrammable places in Sri Lanka.

Ella new
Photo Credits: Sandra M

7. The ancient Rock Fortress of Sigiriya

Sigiriya which is considered to be the 8th wonder of the world, is one of Sri Lanka’s most photographed destinations and is sure to make your feed vibrant. It is also one of the most valuable historic monuments in the Island and the hike is definitely worth the view at its peak and it is no surprise that there are nearly close to 200,000 hashtags of Sigiriya on Instagram already.

sigirya new
Photo Credits: Sandra Chops

8. The sparkling waters of Dunhinda Falls

Sri Lanka being famous for its iconic and magnificent waterfalls, photographs of the sparkling and gleaming waters of the Dunhinda Waterfall, boasting a height of 64 meters and a natural pool to bathe in, is sure to electrify your feed.

dunhinda new
Photo Credits: Eva Faqtr

9. Adventurous Mirissa

Sri Lanka has more than just pristine beaches to offer along its coast. Hop on a cruise to enjoy yet another unique adventure in this beautiful island to explore its deep seas and sea life such as whale and dolphin watching. While you’re in Mirissa, don’t forget to capture some underwater photographs to baffle all your followers.

mirissa new (1)
Photo Credits: Gabriela Bell

10. Up-close and Personal with Elephants at Pinnawala

Created to protect abandoned or orphaned elephants, it is one of the most popular attractions in Sri Lanka. You’re guaranteed a close up view of the elephants and maybe even a chance to feed them – definitely one of the best photo opportunities for all Instagrammers out there.

pinnawala new
Photo Credits: Gabriela Bell

These are only a few destinations which makes Sri Lanka the place to be in 2019, not only is this Island brimming with Instagram worthy photographic opportunities, its warm hospitality, relaxing getaways and exhilarating adventures will make you and your followers long for more.
So let’s get Instagramming….

Author- Shenella Fonseka

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