Top 10 Reasons You Must Stay at Cinnamon Bentota Beach

Are you visiting Sri Lanka hoping and dreaming of the beautiful beaches, breathtaking nature escapades along with rich history and art? Then, Bentota is the place to be! We can assure you that any trip to Bentota is incomplete without a stay at our very own Cinnamon Bentota Beach.

The coastal town of Bentota is situated in the southwest region of the island and is known for its calm weather, relaxing beaches, dazzling marine life and has an overall idyllic atmosphere making it the perfect holiday destination for all visiting Sri Lanka; these are only but some reasons to visit Bentota. Bentota sightseeing is a mandatory as there are so many things to do in Bentota and places to visit in Bentota, so book your stay at Cinnamon Bentota Beach to live the experience right from the hotel itself.

Here are the top 10 reasons why Cinnamon Bentota Beach is the best choice for your stay in Bentota;

1.Exquisite architecture

Cinnamon Bentota Beach is nestled in the mesmerizing Indian Ocean along the southern coast of Sri Lanka. With a heritage dating back to the 60’s and designed by one of Asia’s most influential architects Geoffrey Bawa, it is the ultimate tropical destination perfect for an art and architecture enthusiast or a lover of exquisite oceans. Don’t forget to request for a private tour of the art, history and architecture surrounding the hotel!

2. Whatever food your heart desires, we’ve got it!


Cinnamon Bentota Beach is home to many restaurants of varying cuisines. Ottimo, our very own Italian Restaurant, Zest, for all your Asian food cravings, Nossa, our all-day-dining restaurant, for whenever hunger strikes, Fuze, the Lounger Bar for a good catchup session and tantalizing cocktails, Drench, the pool bar, to chill and relax! Take your pick of cuisine or ambience and we are sure to deliver!

3. Sea meets Spice, literally!


Our location is bound to tempt you with an exhaustive list of activities. So, we foresee your sea of hunger to take over every once in a while. For such times, our seafood restaurant, Sea meets Spice, will be at your rescue. This is the only time you’ll go ‘Oh fish!’ and not be disappointed. We lay out our fresh catch of the day for you. So, pick your favourite, choose a marinade or sauce, your choice of preparation, and we’ll cook up a storm.

4. Art, history and culture; right at your fingertips!

Cinnamon Bentota Beach is the perfect getaway for a divine tropical holiday. The property is truly a feast for the senses, fringed by the Indian ocean, with its striking rich batik ceiling brought to life by Ena de Silva and the eclectic pieces of art peppering the property, the resort embodies the tropical beauty, art and culture of the island – a true microcosm of beautiful Sri Lanka. The arts and crafts within the property are from renowned artists and craftsman such as Laki Senanayak and Ismeth Raheem.

5. Learn a skill, or two!


A vacation refreshes you in ways you cannot imagine and learning a humble skill like pottery or even the skill of puppet making gives you a perspective that you never knew existed. Learn to carve out a puppet or make your own vase or pot holder whilst you stay at Cinnamon Bentota Beach, and it’ll be a trip you never forget!

6. Endless water sport adventures


Stay with us at Cinnamon Bentota Beach and glide through the ceaseless sea by water skiing, and you’ll know what compels us to have such high standards. Water skiing is one of the many water sports Bentota is known for. The river around us has the perfect surface for this fun activity. Enjoy our on-site jet skis, canoes, boat rides and so much more in terms of watersports on offer for guests.

7. Romantic dinner by the sea and river


What’s not to miss about a romantic candle-lit dinner by the sea or river (take your pick!) with the love of your life? We at Cinnamon Bentota Beach will curate the most perfect, dream-like and fantastical dinner for the two of you and we will ensure that you have the time of your life and make your holiday all the more memorable!

8. Local experiences, just for you!


Cinnamon is endemic to Sri Lanka and it was discovered in our island by the Portuguese. Cinnamon cultivation is a unique and scarcely known process. It is truly a one-of-a-kind experience that is both interesting and authentic. While you are visiting the cinnamon factory, you will see the cinnamon peelers at work and you will learn about the uses and healing properties of cinnamon and its grading process. As a special treat, a cinnamon tea tasting session can be arranged upon request.

9. Curated nature escapades from Cinnamon Bentota Beach


A Boat Safari on the Madhu Ganga gives you a two-in-one experience of witnessing the beautiful wildlife of Sri Lanka while you enjoy a boat ride with your loved one, meandering past river dwellings and dense mangroves. Venture deep into these mangroves, and experience this unique adventure in Bentota. Connect with your loved one at a deeper level on this adventurous yet relaxing river safari.

10. Known to be one of the best honeymoon destinations in Sri Lanka


If you’ve been wondering what the best resorts in Sri Lanka for a honeymoon were, look no further than Cinnamon Bentota Beach! It is one of the best hotels for couples in Sri Lanka owing to its idyllic atmosphere, relaxing and romantic ambience and all the fun activities on offer for couples on honeymoon. We can arrange many excursions to keep the happy couple in good spirits!

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