Authentic Culinary Experience in Kandy – Video Blog

Authentic Culinary Experience in Kandy – Video Blog

CinnamonU embarks on a journey through Kandy to create a unique culinary experience.

Here’s Chef Raminda Premarathne creating a contemporary Sri Lankan dish made using a Freshwater Common Carp and ‘Raja Ala’ also known as the King of Yams which are both indigenous to the hill capital Kandy.

The fish is made using a technique called ‘Paupiette’, using a banana leaf and the ‘Raja Ala’ is combined with Risotto Rice. The two ingredients complement each other perfectly to create a well balanced main dish completed with the fattiness of the fish combined with the tangy coriander marination and finished with the creaminess of the risotto laid on a bed of sauteed vegetables.

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