5 Dishes Everyone Should Try in Sri Lanka…

Sri Lanka’s incredible cuisine stems from a liberal use of locally-grown tropical fruit, access to fresh seafood and a coveted arsenal of spices. Many Sri Lankan dishes can be traced back to colonisation when traditional foods were greatly influenced by external elements. But even those dishes that have foreign roots are prepared with a Sri Lankan twist to suit local tastes, and have therefore become exclusive dishes of the Lankans. Sri Lanka is also known for the array of street food that is usually enjoyed by Lankans. Sri Lankan street food is full of flavour, aroma and tantalizing spices!

Here are some of the best food in Sri Lanka that you shouldn’t miss on your voyage to Sri Lanka.

1. Isso Vade


Here in Sri Lanka, it’s always a good time for a crispy and chewy isso vade from a wayside-lender. Isso vade could be translated to mean “Prawn Vadai” and is a simple snack made with fried lentils and scrumptious prawns served with a dab of lime juice orchopped onions. These are a must try while you stroll around at the Galle Face Green while you await the heartwarming sunset.

2. Hoppers


Hoppers are famous for its texture; crispy around the edges and a soft core in the center. They are another local staple and a definite must try. Hoppers resemble a somewhat light pancake batter but with an addition of coconut milk and palm wine. Some may also prefer their hoppers with a fried egg tossed in the middle. Whether you’ve got a sweet tooth or prefer your food hot and spicy; worry not, hoppers are perfectly customizable to your preference. Head on over to Nuga Gama at the Cinnamon Grand Colombo to taste this local delicacy.

3. Local Seafood by the Beach


Nuga Gama_30

It’s no surprise that Sri Lanka is famous for some of the best sea food dishes in the area owing to its prime location by the Indian Ocean. Colombo is most definitely a seafood lovers’ paradise. Enjoy a variety of delectable seafood dishes while you wind down and relax by the beach. You can find many seaside restaurants that will prepare your seafood to your preference. Choose from Crabs, King Prawns, Butterfish, Snapper, Lobster, Squid and much more.

4. Kottu Roti

2816 - Chicken Kottu

Kottu Roti is definitely the most popular and most consumed street food in Sri Lanka and there’s so many reasons why! Kottu Roti is made from Godhamba roti, vegetables, egg, spices and a preferred meat or even no meat at all. It’s the perfect balance of flavours, with a perfectly creamy texture, succulent seasoning. So be prepared to be amazed at the perfect balance of rich flavours in your Kottu Roti.

5. Local Rice and Curry

SRI LANKAN PLATES - Rice and Curry


This one’s a local staple; to say that Sri Lankans enjoy their rice and curry is an understatement. Locals absolutely love their rice and curry; especially the perfect lentil curry called “Dhal Curry” and the local Coconut Sambol famously referred to as “Pol Sambol” by the locals. While you’re in Sri Lanka, you must treat yourself to local rice and curry in order to experience Sri Lanka to the fullest!

Nuga Gama_20

You can taste and enjoy these dishes and more in style at many of the Cinnamon Hotels and Resorts properties including Cinnamon Lodge Habarana, Habarana Village by Cinnamon or even the restaurant, Nuga Gama at Cinnamon Grand Colombo; which is a rustic haven in the middle of an urban atmosphere, serving all Sri Lankan delicacies cooked by local chefs and in the perfect local setting. Along with the scrumptious and tantalizing dishes, Sri Lankan hospitality at its purest will be pleased to treat you.

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