Top 05 destinations for diving in Sri Lanka

Diving in Sri Lanka is becoming increasingly popular as it offers some of the best opportunities to get a first-hand experience of Sri Lanka’s diverse marine life, colourful and vibrant coral reefs and wreckage alike. So don’t miss out on an adventure of a lifetime that awaits you on your thrilling excursions to the ocean; get your snorkels on to witness the rich bio-diversity that this paradise island has been endowed with and make your experience a truly comfortable and luxurious one with the top-notch Sri Lankan dive resorts.
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Here’s our compilation of the best diving spots in Sri Lanka, some useful tips, the best time to visit and of course the cost for your escapade in to the deep seas;

1. Plunge into the waters of Unawatuna

Being world renowned for offering some of the best beach experiences in Sri Lanka, the underwater life of Unwatuna does not disappoint either. Brimming with breathtaking diving sites, Unawatuna is a complete package of everything you want to witness underwater. From the vivacious and magnificent coral reefs to ancient ship wrecks, Unawatuna has got it all to make your experience of scuba diving in Sri Lanka the most exhilarating one ever!
Best time to visit: Mid October to end of April

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2. Journey through the Barracuda Reef in Hikkaduwa

Named after the abundance of barracudas at this site, the Barracuda Reef offers a jaw dropping experience for all divers with the wealth of macro and micro marinelife it homes. Schools of rabbitfish, snappers, fusiliers and the ever present barracudas make this reef a delight for the diver. However, a useful tip would be to keep a keen eye for the hidden macro life such as colorful nudibranchs, pipefish, various species of shrimps and blue spotted stingrays. Book your stay at Hikka Tranz by Cinnamon to have your scuba diving experience perfectly curated for your needs and let our in-house professionals safely guide you into the deep seas.
Best time to visit: November to May

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3. Experience the salty endeavours in Trincomalee

Trincomalee is popular for the stretches of fine white-sanded beaches and crystal clear waters. Further, being a natural harbour, with a long history of trade and battle, not only is it one of the best dive spots to experience the marine life it homes but also to many ship wreckage sites. Not just scuba diving, Trincomalee is one of the best destinations for snorkeling in Sri Lanka too. Trinco Blu by Cinnamon facilitates your adventures at sea by instructing you on your rock diving, wreck diving and coral diving excursions (USD 45 per person) as well as snorkeling at Pigeon Island (USD 60 per person) where many an observer would find both the juvenile and adult black tip reef shark as well as a variety of turtles. Allow us to serenade you both with comfort and safety while you enjoy the beauty of the seas of Trincomalee.
Best time to visit: March to September

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4. Explore the depths of Mirissa

For the adventurous souls, Mirissa is the place to be. It takes diving to a whole new level of awesomeness with scuba diving, reef diving, night diving, open water diving, deep diving, and even snorkeling. It is indeed a paradise with warm and tropical waters, abundant fish and coral life making it the ultimate underwater experience. Just a tip; make sure your trainers are PADI certified and are able to ensure your utmost safety while you have the time of your life!
Best time to visit: November to April

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Photo Credits: Tomas Navratil

5. Traverse the Great Basses Reef in Yala

Diving at the great Basses Reef is altogether a different kind of experience. While it is over-flowing with light, colour, corals and fish it is also full of sandy plains, pinnacles, over hangs, furrows and depressions. So brace yourselves for a distinctly different diving experience, and while you’re at it don’t forget to witness the beauty of the majestic lighthouse standing tall by the shore. To get the most of the Great Basses Reef, book your stay at Cinnamon Wild Yala and entrust this one of a kind inter-monsoonal dive to our expert care.
Best time to visit- Mid-March to Mid-April

Dive deep into adventure and enjoy the beauty of the life below Sri Lanka’s surface while you savour and relish in the comfort that Sri Lanka’s dive resorts have to offer!

Author- Shenella Fonseka

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