Bundala Safari- A Bird Watchers Paradise

Sri Lanka is a treat for all wildlife and nature lovers! This paradise island is filled with all and every type of wildlife you wish to see and is also blessed with beautiful landscapes and mesmerizing views. Sri Lanka is also famous for hosting a gamut of migratory birds and also birds that are endemic to Sri Lanka. The Bundala National Park is renowned for being a bird watchers paradise. Apart from the bird life, the park is also home to a significant population of elephants, crocodiles and tropical fauna.

@underthetrees.be Blue-tailled bee-eater
Blue-tailed bee-eater
Photo Credits :@underthetrees.be

A Bundala bird watching tour would allow you to catch a glimpse of a myriad of bird species including aquatic birds such as pelicans, painted storks, egrets, and spoonbills. Apart from these, the bird that most visitors anticipate to see are the migratory flamingos. There are over 250 identified species both endemic and migratory that you will be able to catch a glimpse of at the Bundala bird sanctuary. You can enter the Bundala national park from either Tissamaharama or Kirinda.

@srilankan_wildlife_gallery - Toshan Wijeratne Photography
Photo Credits:@srilankan_wildlife_gallery – Toshan Wijeratne Photography

The best time to visit the Bundala bird sanctuary is the period between the months of September to March. It is during these months that most flocks of migratory birds arrive in the island and will put on a show for the wildlife lovers out there. It is also recommended that you visit the park during the early hours of the day, but if you prefer to sleep in, late afternoons are a good time too!

Photo Credits:@mihin_28

The Bundala National Park is situated in close proximity to Cinnamon Wild Yala, so you can always book your stay with us and we will ensure that every single aspect of your holiday is made memorable; with the yumscious and delectable food, plush and comfortable lodging spaces, relaxing ambience and the friendliest and helpful staff!

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All visitors will have to purchase entrance tickets prior to entering the park which will cost approximately around USD 10 and it’s always better to pre-book your jungle safari to ensure that you will not miss this opportunity. You can curate your bird watching adventure to anything you want it to be with Cinnamon Nature Trails, our in-house specialists will make sure your needs and requirements are all met while you enjoy a blissful excursion to the wild outdoors.

@theadventuresofchamxo-Gray-headed Swamphen
Gray-headed Swamphen
Photo Credits: @theadventuresofchamxo

If you’re an avid birdwatcher or just an average wildlife lover, we are sure Bundala has something to offer! To make your time in Sri Lanka even better, book you stay with us at Cinnamon Hotels and Resorts and especially Cinnamon Wild Yala which is situated close to the Bundala national park and we guarantee that it’s going to be a memorable one!

Photo Credits:@mister_and_misses_travel

Author – Shenella Fonseka

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