The Birthday Breakfast: The Magic of Reef Dining at Cinnamon Bey Beruwala

It was late when we reached the hotel. I could hear the gentle gush of the waves in the near distance. It welcomed us as we headed in, eager for my birthday that will dawn in a few hours. Cinnamon Bey Beruwala, was our home for the next two days and the luxury of the hotel allowed us to indulge in the comfort, be lazy and relax away from the bustle of the city. The dinner was spectacular with a range of cuisines from across the world. Afterwards, we found ourselves heading towards bed, eager to sleep off the city and wake up refreshed, and a year older.


The sun found its way to the room and warmed my skin. Happy birthday to me. He opened the curtains and I almost lost my breath when I saw what laid before my eyes; the vast Indian ocean in its magnificence. The gentle rays of sun on the blue of the waters made the waves shine in silver. The sound of the waves and the coconut trees swaying in the winds welcomed me to my next chapter with a reminder of how good life can be.

Breakfast, however, was unusual. I was craving warm and creamy Milk Rice paired with the spices of Lunu Miris but my heart fell as he walked past the buffet area. With my hand in his, he looked almost giddy in anticipation and I was getting curious. A waiter accompanied us as we walked towards the beach.

What awaited me was beyond my wildest dreams. We waded into the waves and walked towards the sea. There was a table for two set up on a rock bed further into the sea. He escorted me towards it with the waiter in tow, and there laid my breakfast spread; the Milk Rice and Lunu Miris. The waiter informed us that an International Cinnamon Breakfast could be offered if requested. He also mentioned that all food is prepared at the location by the Executive Chef, making sure each dish given attention to detail.


I was having my birthday breakfast surrounded by the ocean!

Yes, it is as dreamy as it sounds. The rock the table was set up, was in fact a coral. The waiter informed me that the coral was in fact dead, and we were not causing any harm. Once he left, it was the both of us under the baby blue skies and the soft clouds; I could see the moon fading away as the sun took over. Our feet were massaged by the lapping waves, crowded against our ankles, the water was cool and soothing. We were surrounded by the limitlessness of the sky and the ocean, making us feel infinite ourselves. The seclusion and the romance only nature can allow had engulfed us and the world outside ceased to exist.


He recreated my perfect birthday morning with an extraordinary experience that simply took my breath away. After we were done with the breakfast, the surprise continued with the waiter returning with a scrumptious chocolate birthday cake – my favourite!

The reef dining experience by Cinnamon Bey Beruwala was a magical affair. The breakfast enthralling, rejuvenating us and making me fall in love with the island I’m in and the simple fact of being alive.

I later learned that the reef dining was introduced in April 2022 and is open for small families and couples such as us. Now you too can enjoy the intimacy of being among the best of nature while escaping the world. Let the waves wash away your worries as you walk towards the reef. When you’re there, little else matters.

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