Swim with sharks off Pigeon Island, Sri Lanka

Snorkeling and diving are some of the most favourite and popular past times among tourists in Sri Lanka, and to say the least, this paradise island never disappoints, delivering some of the best water experiences right to you!

While you traverse the island, we strongly suggest you make a pit-stop at Trincomalee, where the golden sandy beaches, vibrant coral gardens and crystal-clear waters will mesmerize you! There are many places to visit in Trincomalee, but you must indulge yourself and make sure you go swimming with sharks at Pigeon Island while you stay at Trinco Blu by Cinnamon. It is indeed an exhilarating adventure for all the adrenaline-junkies out there. So, here is some added information;

Pigeon Island is a small island, floating in the great blue ocean, a kilometer off the shore of Nilaveli Beach and about a 30-minute boat ride away from Trinco Blu by Cinnamon. Pigeon Island National Park is one of the two marine national parks in the island and has so much to boast about! At first sight, you may think the island is beautiful with the floor of pure-white coral and palmy atmosphere but wait till you witness the beauty of its underwater landscape. It is also considered to be one of the only remaining shallow reefs of this magnitude in all of Asia!
Photo Credits: Cazprice

A signature experience offered by Cinnamon Nature Trails is swimming with sharks. These coral sharks are harmless and are about one to two meters in length. You can watch them swim past you while you’re mesmerized by the abundance of marine life. Let the beauty of the underwater with its vibrant reef and tropical fish, breathtaking coral reefs, majestic turtles enthrall you while you snorkel around Pigeon Island. We are sure you will be in absolute awe of what the beaches of the east coast of Sri Lanka has to offer, and the only way to experience it is with some Trincomalee snorkeling!
Ceylon Shamz Journeyz
Photo Credits: Ceylon Shamz Journeyz

Of course, it’s a must visit, there is so much to see and do in Trincomalee! So, let our staff at Trinco Blu by Cinnamon curate the most perfect experience for you; may it be, swimming with sharks, snorkeling, or just a dip in the water! Have yourself the merriest of time below the surface!

Author: Shenella Fonseka

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