Sri Lanka; One of the best countries that are hot all year around

There are so many things going on for Sri Lanka, but we can assure you that what makes Sri Lanka the best all year-round holiday destination is the golden sun that shines over us all around the year! This paradise island has even topped the list of USA Today’s, “20 warm weather destinations to travel”. So, plan a trip, get your shades on and head on over to Sri Lanka and experience the best of the countries that are hot all year round!

December to April is traditionally the peak tourist season, when the temperatures are fairly constant. You can enjoy the coastal regions at an average temperature of about 25C to 35C whilst the highlands will average about 15C to 20C. However, the best part about the monsoon here in Sri Lanka is that when it rains in one part of the island, the sun shines brighter than ever on the other parts. This makes Sri Lanka one of the most unique and makes Sri Lanka stand out from the other warm countries all year round.
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Travelling to Sri Lanka during May to September?

Visit the East Coast of Sri Lanka and the northern regions for the best dry and sunny weather. You can surf to your hearts content in the beautiful and azure waters of Arugam Bay or go on an adventure deep into the seas of Sri Lanka and try your luck at trying to catch a glimpse of some whales in Trincomalee whilst you stay at Trinco Blu by Cinnamon.
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Travelling to Sri Lanka during October to February?

Then the best places to visit are the West and Southern regions of Sri Lanka. You can go on Safari in Yala while you lodge at Cinnamon Wild Yala and indulge yourself to some of the finest wildlife Sri Lanka has to offer. You can also explore and enjoy the stunning beaches of Sri Lanka from the beach-front locations of Cinnamon Hotels and Resorts, enjoy some of the water sports on offer at Cinnamon Bentota Beach or treat yourself to some traditional stilt fishing at Hikkaduwa.

Travelling to Sri Lanka during March and April?

You can celebrate the Sinhala and Tamil New Year with the locals and experience the customs and traditions the locals hold dear to their hearts and indulge your taste buds to the traditional sweetmeats too! It is also a good time to visit the Sigiriya Rock Fortress and also say hello to the largest elephant gathering at Minneriya and Kaudulla and treat your senses to the beauty of nature here in Sri Lanka!
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Any time is a good time to visit Sri Lanka and enjoy, so come by! The beauty of Sri Lanka awaits you!

Author: Shenella Fonseka

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