Sri Lanka Trekking Tour: Conquering the Riverston Peak

If you’re looking for some fun and adventure while you tour Sri Lanka, a Sri Lanka Trekking Tour should most definitely interest you and while you’re at it, there are a few trekking tracks that you must not miss! The Riverston Peak also known as the Riverston Gap is one such trek that offers all its visitors an experience of a lifetime.
Photo Credits: Sri Abeywickrema

What’s the Riverston Peak?

Riverston Peak is situated in Matale around 160km away from Colombo (that’s around a 4-hour-drive from Colombo). The Riverston Peak is part of the Knuckles Mountain Range located between the two districts of Matale and Kandy in central Sri Lanka. The Riverston Peak is also famously known as the mini-worlds-end as it features a breathtaking 300m drop with a misty view of the Knuckles Mountain Range and the Thelgamu river valley. The Riverston Gap consists of a few beautiful waterfalls inside the forest and is home to several endemic birds and reptiles.
Photo Credits: Azee Dhanish

What’s so special?

The Riverston Gap although popular among the locals is not so famous among the tourists, therefore, it is one of the best places to experience the untouched and natural beauty of Sri Lanka. While you trek through to the Riverston Gap, don’t forget to look out for the Sera Ella, a waterfall which is not more than 10 meters in height, but boasts a width of more than 20 meters. Sera Ella also has some conveniently located rock seats to capture some insta-worthy photographs.

The Bambarakiri Ella is another must visit on your trek, it is situated a few meters away from the main road with a suspension bridge over the waterfall. Enjoy the cold mist of the waterfall and capture some of the best moments by the foot of the waterfall.

On your trek to the Riverston Peak you will also encounter many endemic plants, animals and even birds! Keep a look out for the hidden beauties of Sri Lanka and make sure you take back this beauty by capturing them on camera, we assure you that there’ll be many a photo-opportunities on this trek.
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Photo Credits: Ceylon adventure seeker

Where can I stay?

If you’re looking for hotels in Riverston Sri Lanka look no further than Cinnamon Hotels and Resorts. Our signature location Cinnamon Citadel Kandy is situated a short 50-minute drive from the Riverston Peak, and we provide the perfect blend of luxury and nature. Book your stay with us and we will make sure you have yourself the best trekking experience in Sri Lanka. We will even ensure that you’re greeted with much needed comfort and plush luxury after your return from a tiring Riverston trek.

Author: Shenella Fonseka

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