Authentic Sri Lanka arts and crafts to explore in Bentota

Being rich in culture and history inevitably means a proud heritage of arts and crafts. Sri Lanka is exactly that and is able to boast of both a rich culture and history as well as some breathtaking arts and crafts. These Sri Lankan traditional arts and crafts make the perfect souvenirs and mementos to take home with you. Sri Lanka arts and crafts can be purchased at any handicraft store in Colombo and all over the country but to witness these being made is definitely an experience you wouldn’t want to miss. So don’t miss out, get yourself an experience of a lifetime and witness the making of these arts and crafts while you holiday in Bentota Sri Lanka.

Here are some of the arts and crafts that you will encounter and experience if you book your stay with us at Cinnamon Bentota Beach;

1. Beeralu; Lacemaking

Beeralu is an intricate art form which involves dexterous knitting which results in beautifully patterned lace which are usually found on the trimmings of dresses, curtains, table spreads, garments and covers for pillows, cushions and chairs. It is a past time that caught on from the Portuguese and the Dutch which flourished during the colonial times and is still prevalent and popular in the present times.
Make your reservation to learn this art at Cinnamon Bentota Beach and maybe make the souvenirs you want to take back home to your loved ones.

2. Drumming

The traditional drums widely known as Bera is a unique part of the Sri Lankan culture. You will see the wonders of this drum especially at the cultural festivals such as the Peraheras. The body of the drum is usually made of the wood of a Jack tree and the skin is made of animal hide; making of a drum requires special skill and craftmanship.
Why not learn to beat the drums to a local tune with us at Cinnamon Bentota Beach? We assure you it will be a tune-changing and rhythm-loving experience for you!

3. Coconut leaf art

Here in Sri Lanka, we love our coconut trees! There’s not one single part of the coconut tree that goes to waste. Sri Lankan culture is entwined with beautiful arts and crafts and coconut leaf art is one of them. Twist and turn the long and slender leaves of the coconut trees which you will encounter day in and day out in Sri Lanka into a beautiful work of art and we at Cinnamon Bentota Beach will teach you exactly how!
coconut leaf art

4. Puppetry

Puppetry is famous as a kind of rural drama and is also a medium of communication within the rural villages. Puppetry or popularly known as Rukada in Sri Lanka is usually characters made of wood and painted in vibrant colours who then perform a drama or a theatre piece with human assistance. It is said to have entered the culture of Sri Lanka and was popular over 300 years ago as a basic folk art.
You can try your hand at puppet-making with us at Cinnamon Bentota Beach, all you need is some enthusiasm and we will provide the rest!

5. Mask carving

Masks have deep roots within Sri Lankan folklore and is also used in healing rites and rituals. Masks are considered very significant and precious within Sri Lankan culture and history. So much so that being able to carve a mask is almost considered a blessing! Why not learn how to carve these intricate, yet beautiful and vibrant masks with the crew at Cinnamon Bentota Beach. We will ensure you have the time of your life learning this craft!

6. Pottery

Pottery is considered to be one of the oldest lines of craftwork in Sri Lanka. Pottery is still popular despite the modern times and its overwhelming use of steel and plastic. The rustic look, the unique texture, and the historic background makes these clay pots all the more attractive. Clay pottery consists mainly of a spinning wheel with soft clay placed on top, ready to be moulded into the required shape, may it be a vase, a pen holder, terracotta figures or whatever your heart desires. Let our staff at Cinnamon Bentota Beach take you through this calming and thought-provoking experience.

Booking your stay with us at Cinnamon Hotels and Resorts doesn’t just mean luxury, comfort and five-star service; we have many experiences that you will never forget in your lifetime packed with us! So come and enjoy the beauty of these arts and crafts of Sri Lanka while you try your hand at them.

Author: Shenella Fonseka

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