Savour the Flavours of the City – Colombo’s Culinary Landscape 

Savour the Flavours of the City – Colombo’s Culinary Landscape 


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Colombo is fast becoming a thriving hub for food lovers in search of a diverse array of dining experiences. The city’s culinary landscape offers unprecedented levels of choice and variety, enabling you to savour a rich range of flavours, culinary styles and cuisines. From quaint mom & pop stalls to exclusive fine-dining restaurants, the city of Colombo provides a remarkable array of dining options –  that will satisfy the taste buds of even the most sophisticated culinary connoisseurs and food buffs.

Pop-up stalls and markets: Bustling food fairs, stalls and markets are fast becoming trending hotspots in the city, and during the weekends small-time food vendors and bakers, bring their most tasty treats to the masses in charming pop-up stalls. Regular markets are held during the weekends where you can enjoy everything from organic snacks, to decadent cakes, to tantalizing fresh juices and baked goodies.



A new generation of foodies: A surge of millennials with up-and-coming coffee shops and all-day brunch cafés are also contributing to the city’s rapidly evolving coffee culture. Their fresh new culinary creations, spins on traditional dishes and experiments are a must-try. An array of tea bars also offer fun twists on the island’s most cherished beverage- tea.  Whether you want to sip an ice-cold tea mocktail or enjoy a hearty hot flavoured tea, Colombo’s tea bars offer a variety of unique and refreshing tea-based drinks/

Scrumptious street snacks: If you want to savour the very essence of traditional Sri Lankan street food, then you have to explore the nooks and crannies of Colombo, in search of the many little tea shops (Té kadés) and food stalls that are dotted throughout the city. These tiny stalls sell everything from well-loved soft drinks such as Elephant House Ginger Bear and Orange Barley to bite-sized packets of local treats such as mixed nuts, Tipitip, mixture, crunchy flour-based snacks called “murukku”and the popular Kottu. Walking through the vibrant stores at Pettah, you’ll also be able to indulge in sugary must-haves such as traditional Indian sweets like gulab jamuns and jelabis. Another key place for sampling the city’s street food is Galle Face Green, where you can try another local favourite – isso vade (a deep-fried prawn placed on a round patty made from lentil flour).


Isso Wade


Flavours of the world: The city is also home to a melting pot of cuisines and you can sample everything from authentic Arabic pita bread and hummus, to hearty German bratwurst and mash, to Korean broths and Chinese noodles all within a day. From up-market Italian restaurants to Japanese sushi bars, to vegetarian Indian eateries and well-patronized English styled pubs, Colombo’s eating spots represents many cultures and flavours from around the world.

Dine in style: Of course, no food enthusiast’s culinary journey in the city would be complete without sampling the very best fine-dining experiences that Colombo has to offer. From masterfully seasoned steaks at London Grill to artfully curated Thai dishes at Long Feng, to the decadent Italian Antipasti buffet at Echo, Colombo’s fine-dining restaurants now offer you the chance to truly indulge in immersive and memorable fine-dining experiences.

Colombo is an up-and-coming entertainment and dining hub and will be the home of Cinnamon Life – a ground-breaking mixed-use project that is set to offer the epitome of luxury living and transform Sri Lanka’s real-estate landscape.



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