Palu season comes alive in Yala with Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts

Palu season comes alive in Yala with Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts

Cinnamon Wild offers exciting excursions with Cinnamon Nature Trails this bear watching season

bear-at-yala4The fragrance of a favorite fruit is in the air, and there’s a scent that is spreading across the winds at Yala that is making the black ghosts of the Ruhuna almost dizzy. The Yala National Park is one of the best locations to observe the Sloth Bear in Sri Lanka. Cinnamon Nature Trails, the eco-tourism arm of Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts invite guests to be a part of exciting excursions this season, which is also commonly referred to as the ‘Palu Season’ – where the usually shy and nocturnal animals are expected to be caught in the act of feeding on the ripening ‘palu’ fruits in the jungle. While Cinnamon Nature Trails will ensure that guests focus on spotting the trailing bears, they will not lose sight of the possibility of spotting Yala’s, stealthy leopards.

bear-at-yala2All this will come alive with stays at Cinnamon Wild Yala, which is located 07 minutes from the Yala National Park. A team of expert naturalists from Cinnamon Nature Trails are geared to accompany guests on a safari that is in search of some of Yala’s most elusive animals. Chitral Jayatileke, the Head of Eco-Tourism at Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts with his amazing team of field guides promises to take guests into the world of the sloth bear.

“May is one of Yala’s best game viewing months. With ‘Palu’ fruits coming into season, the usually nocturnal sloth bears gives us a greater chance of catching their almost cartoon like behaviour. Join us this season to track Yala’s bears and possibly the elusive leopard, so don’t forget to bring along your cameras”-advises Chitral.

bear-at-yala3Every visit to Yala has a unique encounter to offer, be it with a tusker, a bear or Yala’s famed attraction, the leopard. In May however, one has the opportunity to get closer to the world of the nocturnal sloth bear as it emerges during the day to feast on the ‘palu’ fruit. Be it an amateur photographer, a professional wildlife photographer or a family, the Cinnamon Nature Trails team is prepared to provide an unforgettable experience to guests visiting Cinnamon Wild Yala.

Wildlife enthusiasts can now book tours or make reservations by contacting Peumi on 071-1397460 and emailing [email protected]

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