One Island, A Thousand Treasures Beckons Travellers to Discover Sri Lanka

With a modern history of more than 3000 years and an extraordinary prehistoric human history dating back well over 125,000 years, Sri Lanka is primed and excited for the world’s storytellers to descend into its magical lands and savour its bountiful treasures. This South Asian Island nation and brightly shining ‘Jewel’ of the Indian Ocean is now home to a diverse and thriving population of global expatriates who are interwoven into modern Sri Lankan society and its flourishing business community.

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Known for its warm hospitality and idyllic natural beauty, Sri Lanka is proud to open its doors and welcome content creators from across the world. A magical and open invitation through the recently unveiled ‘One Island a Thousand Treasures’ campaign awaits them to participate in and celebrate its world-famous gastronomy, ancient traditions, cultural heritage, and extraordinary people.



Each of the Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts branded properties offers its guests the distinct opportunity to uncover the wide range of incredible sights and experiences each area has in abundance. You can uncover the secrets of Sri Lanka’s ancient and deadly martial art ‘Angampora’,and learn from a generations-old Master-craftsman as he fashions ordinary crystals into perfect optical lenses. Discover the mysteries of the white stone circle at the magnificent Danigala ‘Alien’ mountain and ponder the origin of its famed and unusual astrological drawings, dance in the moonlight to the enchanting songs of Batticaloa’s singing fish or ride atop an Asian elephant, even go out in search of the stunning and elusive Sri Lankan leopard or cruise alongside the frolicking dolphins and pods of titanic whales.

From our valleys to our mountain tops, from our flora to our fauna, from our rivers to our oceans, the opportunity for discovery is endless, and Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts has everything any traveller needs to carve out their own remarkable Sri Lankan adventure and connect with the diverse and wonderful people who call it home.

The ‘One Island a Thousand Treasures’ campaign is the go-to interactive digital guide, designed with content creators, influencers, tourists, and adventurers in mind, to help them plan and find their own intrepid Sri Lankan adventure.

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Artisans and craftspeople, attractions, experiences and tours can all reach out and join Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts’ ‘One Island a Thousand Treasures’ initiative, to become a valued partner, a stakeholder and a beneficiary of its success.


Whether you’re a content creator, influencer or holidaymaker,with a keen eye for a great story, you can participate by sharing your journey with Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts via the ‘One Island a Thousand Treasures’ website or on your own Facebook, Instagram, or YouTube channels, tagging @CinnamonHotels and #OneIslandThousandTreasures. Our esteemed panel of experts will review each entry and reward content creators with a treasure trove of amazing discounts, giveaways, and one-of-a-kind getaways, presented by Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts, in association with ‘Sri Lanka Tourism’ and with our creative partner ‘Dentsu Grant’.

For more details on how you or your company can be a part of the ‘One Island a Thousand Treasures’ initiative, visit or follow Cinnamon Hotels on social media.

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