Meet Chef Khan – The Story Behind the Maestro!

Meet Chef Khan, the Group Indian Chef of Tandoor – the authentic Indian Restaurant at Cinnamon Bey Beruwala!


In the summer of ’98, he visited Sri Lanka and completely fell in love with this exquisite pearl of the Indian Ocean. Deciding to spend most of his time on the island he joined Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts in 2005. Since then, Chef Khan has been tantalizing the taste buds of our guests with the most aromatic spices, exotic recipes and culinary traditions from his motherland, India.


Now, he is the Group Chef for Indian Cuisine across the board, and he has been enriching the gastronomic experience at Tandoor – Cinnamon Bey Beruwala since 2017. Mutton Rogan Josh, Mutton Biriyani and the Tandoori Prawn are some of his favorite food items to prepare among many other delectable dishes. They are must-try flavors at Tandoor!


When you visit the Tandoor Kitchen, you’re tasting paradise. It’s an experience to be savored and remembered for days to come! Dip a freshly made, hot naan into a creamy bowl of butter chicken or dig into a biryani that will not only satisfy your hunger, but also your senses.


Next time you are on the Southern Coast of Sri Lanka, don’t forget to visit Tandoor, say hello to Chef Khan and let him take you on an authentic and unique gastronomical journey!

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