Maldives holidays; 10 interesting facts about the Maldives

Maldives is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world and there is so much going on in this collection of islands that it does not fail to disappoint all its visitors. Prepare to spend your days strolling through the stretches of shimmering white sand and enjoy the azure water which is both beautiful and teeming with life. Maldives holidays are best experienced and enjoyed in the comfort and luxury of Maldives Island Resorts renowned for their hospitality and top-notch service especially with Cinnamon Hotels and Resorts.

Here are some interesting factors about the Maldives:

1. Islands were formed by an exiled Indian prince

Maldives is a land of chronicles and it is said that it was first colonized by India way back in 269 B.C. If legends are to be believed, it is said that the islands were priorly occupied by a small community that worshipped the sun and water. The first real kingdom here was founded by Sri Soorudasaruna Adeettiya, the son of a ruler of Kalinga, a kingdom in India. The king was extremely angered by his son’s actions and had sent him away to Maldives, then called Dheeva Maari. Thereon began the rich history of the Maldives islands.

2. World’s first underwater cabinet meeting

Countries such as the Maldives are one of the hardest hit by pressing issues such as climate change and rising water levels of the oceans; a number of islands have already been wiped off the face of the earth. Drawing attention towards the same and about sustainability projects, Mohamed Nasheed, The President, transferred the cabinet meeting of October 2009 right to the ocean’s bottom.

3. The composition of the islands

The creation of Maldives is a wonder in itself. It has more than 1190 low-lying coral islands that are gathered into 26 atolls, which can be seen in 200 inhabited islands of Maldives along with 80 islands that have tourist resorts. There’s no better way to enjoy a holiday in Maldives than to explore these islands and enjoy its little treats.
Fun fact- The Maldives is 99% water

4. It is the lowest and flattest nation in the world

Interestingly, highest point in Maldives situated in Villingili island is considered to be the lowest on the earth measuring in at 2.3 meters- 7 feet 7 inches. The ground level of Maldives Island on an average is at 1.5 meters, that is 4 feet 11 inches.
Photo Credits- Nina Maeter

5. World’s smallest Muslim country

The constitution of Maldives forbids the following of any other religion apart from Islam. Therefore, the population of Maldives is 100% Muslim and as of 2008, a non-Muslim may not be a citizen of Maldives. Fear not, though there is no public reverence for other faiths, the tourists can follow their beliefs in private.

6. One of the safest holiday destinations in the World

Maldives is considered to be one of the safest travel destinations in the world. Not just in its capital island but also in the islands far away, even the very excluded and isolated islands are safe for travelers. So you have nothing to worry about solo-travel, dive in deep, explore and enjoy!

7. Friday and Saturday mean weekend unlike many other nations

Don’t we all wait for that Saturday/Sunday weekend and Thank God Its Friday (TGIF) by the end of week? Well, the weekend comes early over in Maldives! Its literally, TGIF! The weekend in Maldives is usually Friday and Saturday.
Photo Credits- AJ Parker

8. Literacy in Maldivian adults is 98%

Maldives boasts an adult literacy rate of 98%, a primary school enrolment rate of 100% and a graduation rate of 99%. This comes as a matter of pride as in the year 1978, it was just 70 percent. Maldives Government with the help of UNICEF has engaged in many projects to improve the quality of education of their children; 35% of the Maldives population is believed to be under the age of 18.

9. Brimming with underwater life

Maldives is a year-round tourist destination owing to the abundant underwater life the islands have been richly endowed with. Among the 1000s of species of small fish, coral reefs of Maldives are inhabited by 10-12 species of dolphins and whales. A holiday in Maldives is incomplete if you have not witnessed the beauty of the underwater life of Maldives.
Photo Credits- Tanya Mukvich

10. It is a very conservative country

Being a fully Muslim country, the visiting tourists are also expected to conform to some of their traditions. Some such restrictions are placed on the consumption of alcohol and pork as well as nudity. Alcohol can be consumed only in hotels and resorts as it is prohibited everywhere else. Taking it away from the premises of the resort is also not allowed. Importing alcohol, pork as well as pork products is illegal as per Muslim beliefs. Also, nudity and topless sunbathing is not allowed in Maldives, even if you are on the private beach of your resort.

Author-Shenella Fonseka

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