Best time for Whale and Dolphin Watching in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a nation for the wild and marine life enthusiasts! The wild and thickets of the jungle or the deep blue ocean, wherever you wish to spend your holiday, Sri Lanka has it all! However, this time of the year is the whale and dolphin watching season in Trincomalee. We guarantee that Whale watching in Sri Lanka should be right at the top of your to-do list while you’re in Sri Lanka on your visit to Sri Lanka this time of the year! Here are some must-know facts about Whale and Dolphin watching in Sri Lanka;

Photo Credits: Cinnamon Nature Trails

Whale & Dolphin Watching Season
The months between April to July is the peak season for whale and dolphin watching in Sri Lanka. During this time whale watching Trincomalee is extremely popular and your chances of seeing whales are at the optimum. While you’re on your whale watching tour, keep your eyes open to spot sperm whales, blue whales and even spinner dolphins. You will be lucky to see these creatures roam the seas only around eight nautical miles east from Trincomalee, this is only around 30 minutes by boat!
If you’re not a fan of boat rides, or is averse to seafaring in general, head on over to Swami Rock, a very tall and steep cliff which provides a great vantage point from which you might be able to catch a glimpse of a whale fluke breeching the waters of the Indian Ocean.

Sperm whale @CNT
Photo Credits : Cinnamon Nature Trails

Whale & Dolphin Watching Responsibly
Protecting the environment, the animals in it, and staying safe ourselves is an important duty bestowed upon all of us. On your journey to catch a glimpse of these majestic creatures it is of utmost importance that you maintain distance and avoid overcrowding the boats in order to keep yourselves and others safe.
Further, it is also important to bring your garbage back with you to the island and not dispose of any garbage in the ocean. This is to ensure the safety of all sea creatures and allowing us to visit these creatures once again in the future. Take all the pictures you want and take the memories of your adventurous journey to the sea back home with you.

Photo Credits:@borderlandssrilanka

Where to stay?
We have the best place for you to stay while you prepare for your whale watching journey in Trincomalee. Stay with us at Trinco Blu by Cinnamon where we will ensure that you have the most comfortable and plush stay with the most delectable array of both local and international dishes. We will also make arrangements for your whale and dolphin watching adventures, just reach out to our in-house naturalists from Cinnamon Nature Trails and let us make your tour all the more memorable. Cinnamon Care will also ensure your safety and well-being with the stringent safety and distancing protocols in effect. So, book your stay, we’re waiting to explore with you!

Photo Credits:@backpackersteve

Author – Shenella Fonseka

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