Lean Luxury – The Latest Hospitality Concept at Cinnamon Red

Lean Luxury – The Latest Hospitality Concept at Cinnamon Red

There are a few things better than a great hotel. All things said and done, there’s a great deal of satisfaction to be had storming into a haze of light and comfort and demanding the best spread be sent up to your room, immediately, while behind you, a very patient man in a stiff jacket follows you around with your luggage.

And at Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts, we’ve got that. Right this way, sir.

But to the discerning traveler, there’s a difference between luxury and luxury you don’t need. Sometimes there’s a midpoint between a tight budget and indulgence, between being cheap and being classy.

That’s where the neweFacadest addition to the Cinnamon chain which is Cinnamon Red, comes in.

Our latest creation is one of a kind. We’ve married the legendary service and standards of the Cinnamon name to a value for money experience. On paper, we’ve got 243 rooms, 26 floors in a monolithic tower, stretching all the way to a bar, gym and an infinity pool at the top. We’ve got IPTV and free WiFi (of course), interactive tables at our rooftop bar and an e-concierge.

In practice, each of these rooms is lean luxury at its finest. There’s no frills: no room service, no bell boys, no mini-bar. Instead, you’ve got a great space, a customizable mini-fridge that you can stock using the level 7 tea and coffee bar or at your own discretion; vending machines from which you can get just what you need – be it food or a shaving kit without having to pay for a hundred other amenities and self-service in-room dining. We’ve got great interiors and comfortable beds that you don’t have to break your bank for. We’re cool like that!

Hungry? Thirsty? The choice is yours: there’s some pretty good stuff – nothing fancy, but delicious – at ‘FlavouRED’, our main restaurant on level 8. You can also order from ‘StirRED’ – our tea and coffee bar on level 7 adjacent to our funky luggage design reception, or head up to Cloud RED, our rooftop bar.

If you feel a bit more adventurous you can also splurge on yourself and get your meal from anywhere in the city. You’re in Colombo: you might as well enjoy the (sometimes exotic) local fare. Chicken and cheese kottu anyone?

Whatever you get, you can sit down to some of the best views in the city, regardless of where you are. Those who’ve tried us out have said that the view from the rooftop is one of the finest in the city. Call us biased, but we agree. A view of the city skyline, park, lake and ocean – what more can you ask for? We’re literally at the heart of Colombo’s commercial center: to the East, North and South stretch the hum of the city, while to the West lies the Indian Ocean.

Of course, we haven’t stopped at spectacular views. There’s a whole lot of cool tech that fits right in to the Cinnamon Red experience.

Touch-sensitive tables at Cloud red? Check. E-parking? We’ve got that, too. We’ve gone to great lengths to make everything as paperless as possible. We’ve even integrated ordering services into the IPTV in each room so you can check out your fast food options, mini-fridge and self-service in-room dining options and order from your room telephone. Since introducing an express check-out facility you can view your hotel bill from your IPTV too! It might seem a bit fancy for a lean hotel, but all of this tech actually makes things easier for everyone. Even the ‘Do Not Disturb’ and ‘Clean My Room’ sign is electronic. Let’s not forget the doorbell either, that automatically goes on silent when the ‘DND’ is switched on!

So settle down in your room, look over the city and plot the next moves in your game, or chill out, grab a drink and a bite. Pay for just what you want, and not a cent more. Whether you’re in pursuit of business or pleasure – Cinnamon Red’s got you covered.



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