Food Delivery in Colombo : Flavours of the world brought to you by Cinnamon!

The restaurants at Cinnamon Grand Colombo and Cinnamon Lakeside Colombo have got a got a wide array of food options ready to take your tastebuds on a journey of a lifetime! However, you can now enjoy dishes from your favourite restaurants right at the comfort and safety of your own home! Here’s introducing you to the new-bee of the food delivery scene in Colombo; Flavours by Cinnamon! Bring Cinnamon’s exclusive dine-in experience and enjoy your food in safety with the newest option for food delivery in Colombo.

How to order
Your favourite dishes are only a few clicks away! All you have to do is, visit the website;, select your favourite restaurant from the list provided, browse the menu just like you would at the restaurant, add your choices to the cart, proceed to make the payment, and wait impatiently for your yummy food to make its way to you in safety!

Something for everyone!
The options are large and the choice is yours! We have a variety of menus for you to pick from! Take your pick from restaurants such as the Coffee Stop and Tea Lounge for your quick-bite needs, the Lagoon, for the seafood lover in you, Nuga Gama, if you’re looking for something close to home and truly Sri Lankan, and Noodles and Plates for a wide array of continental, or Asian delicacies! That is not even it, we know how much you love our Burgers and Fish and Chips from the Cheers Pub or some authentic and delicious Biryani from Chutneys at Cinnamon Grand Colombo! Whatever you wish or desire could be at your doorstep within just a couple of minutes!

Not just food!
Flavours will also be the latest cake delivery service in Colombo, so if you’re celebrating a special occasion, or even just craving some of our delicious cakes, get on the platform and order your favourite cake and we will ensure it reaches you in no time!

Why flavours?
With Flavours, we are now bringing five-star meals right to your doorstep! Take your pick from any of our restaurants at Cinnamon Grand Colombo or Cinnamon Lakeside Colombo and we will deliver your yummy food right to your doorstep, handled only by professionals and trained staff. We are committed to ensuring the highest hygiene standards, with Cinnamon Care. Your food will be prepared, packed, and delivered to you respecting the highest standards of safety, so worry not! With our personalized service, we will ensure that your meal is delivered with all the personal touches you require! Enjoy your five-star meal, in five-star comfort, at home!

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