Islands which are open for International Travel after COVID-19 Vaccine

The wait was long but it’s time to say “hello” again, thanks to the COVID-19 vaccine! Whilst travel and safety restrictions are still in place, we are ready to welcome tourists once again! Sri Lanka and the Maldives are ready and awaiting to welcome the vaccinated international travel groups and individuals with the world-renowned Sri Lankan hospitality.

Travelling to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has relaxed the quarantine requirement for fully vaccinated travellers to Sri Lanka. All you need is your tourist-visa, which can be obtained via Sri Lanka Tourism, your ticket to Sri Lanka and a heart ready to have the time of your life. If the recommended doses of the COVID-19 vaccination are completed and the travellers depart their locations two weeks after completion of the vaccination, they will be considered as “fully vaccinated”. Fully vaccinated travellers will no longer need to quarantine!

A) Travel right on-arrival

Fully vaccinated travellers arriving with a negative PCR report done within 72 hours of embarkation or a negative rapid antigen test done within 48 hours prior to embarkation will be released directly from the airport and will no longer require a PCR test to be done upon arrival. What better news than knowing that you’re free to roam the beautiful island right away since the previous requirement of a day 1 PCR or a hotel quarantine has now been relaxed.

B) Vaccination Certificate

Travellers who have received the recommended doses of COVID-19 vaccine should carry the original vaccination certificate (together with a certified copy of English language translation if the certificate is not in English or if relevant data are not indicated in English in a non-English certificate) or verifiable evidence of vaccination.

C) Travel to your hearts content

There are no restrictions on where the fully vaccinated travellers can stay and visit, so make the most of your Sri Lanka trip by experiencing everything Sri Lanka has to offer.



Travelling to Maldives

Maldives is ready to welcome tourists from all across the globe including those from the United Kingdom. The United Kingdom recently removed its restrictions on arrivals from the Maldives and here’s your chance to revisit and explore Maldives again!

A) Pre-arrival requirements

All travellers will be required to present a prior reservation confirmation at a registered tourist establishment along with a negative PCR test not more than 96 hours before your arrival in the Maldives. Should you wish to travel between islands, you will need to obtain prior approval from the Ministry of Tourism. Travelling to Maldives has been made much easier now. You can obtain your tourist visa for 30 days upon arrival free for 30 days!

B) Visit, Vaccinate, Vaccination

If you wish to get your vaccine in the Maldives, here’s your chance! The authorities of Maldives are keen to allow tourists to be able to get vaccinated within the Maldives once all the residents have been vaccinated. This initiative is called the ‘3V’ (Visit, Vaccinate, Vacation) approach to return to restriction-free travel as soon as possible.

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Cinnamon Care

Cinnamon Hotels and Resorts is renowned for its luxurious and plush living spaces along with the yumscious food on offer, so do book your stay with us during your stay in Sri Lanka! We will also ensure your stay with us is a safe one! Our Cinnamon Care initiative is a unique safety and distancing protocol that has been implemented throughout all our hotels and restaurants to make sure that all our guests are safe from COVID-19.

It’s time to start making your travel plans, we cannot wait to welcome you!

Author : Shenella Fonseka

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