A Whale of a Time in Trincomalee

Sri Lanka’s picturesque beaches put this tiny island on the world map. The golden sandy beaches are a haven to many travellers who cross the seas to lie across just to get the right amount of tan. During the season (May – October), the eastern coastal town of Trincomalee blossoms into life with an influx of tourists trotting in search of the bigger tides. The thrill-seeking surfer community and the local tourists migrate from the southern coast to the eastern coast, bringing to life the historic yet quaint city’s tourism industry. From May till October, the golden beaches of Trincomalee are decked with vibrant sun huts, giving shelter to those lounging around these pristine beaches and the deep blue waters.

Those enjoying their days in the sun could be oblivious to the exposition happening just a couple of miles away towards the center of the ocean. The cerulean waters that lure in the adventure-driven surfers and the laid-back tourists, also hide a giant secret within its ripples and dunes; only the largest creature to ever exist.

Whale Watching1

Anywhere else in the world, these 40 feet long Blue Whales stay hidden deep within the waters, away from their predators, feasting on shrill. But here on the eastern coast of a tiny teardrop-shaped island, these gentle giants take leaps of faith, plunging out of the waters putting on a show to locals and travellers who’ve voyaged to see them dance.

Buddhika Dayaratne, also known as Daya, is an environmentalist working with Cinnamon Nature Trails (CNT). As a whale watching expert, Daya has spent years to accumulate a sea of knowledge on these giant mammals. Along the way, he’s had the opportunity to draw inspiration and expertise from the likes of famous Marine Biologist Dr Charles Anderson. His mastery on the topic has awarded him with many golden opportunities; one of which, being featured on BBC’s Blue Planet II program to share his experience with whales, the importance of conservation and his passion to study these gentle giants.

Daya first observed these cetaceans swimming through our waters in 2010. Despite a handful of Blue Whale sightings, the conflict in the north and eastern parts of the island restricted any commercial whale watching operations. Post-war, the CNT Team headed out deep into the Indian Ocean in search of Blue Whales; they were blessed with not just several blue whale spotting, but also a larger number of sperm whales!

Whale Watching 2

Here at the coastal enclave of Trincomalee, the discovery of Whale Watching has brought forth many opportunities for the local community but has also heightened concerns for life below water. Daya understands the responsibility he carries on his shoulders as a learned and experienced environmentalist. “Whales are acoustic animals”. Even the biggest creature to ever swim in our waters is sensitive to the roaring motors of the local fishermen. The two-stroke engines of the motorboats commonly used locally for whale watching frighten and alarm the whales to hide deep within their oceanic habitat.

boat whale watching

Against such a backdrop, Daya can’t emphasize the importance of imposing regulations to protect these mammals from harm in their habitat any better. Cinnamon Nature Trails’ 4-stroke engines sail silently against the waves conscious to be sensitive to the marine mammals in their own home while also giving you front row seats to an oceanic masquerade starring our very own Blue Whales. With thoughtfully curated experiences, the Cinnamon Nature Trails team has made meaningful investments to practice conscious and responsible whale watching excursions.

Trinco Blu by Cinnamon, based right along the coastal strip of Uppuvelli, will host you for a picturesque and a memorable holiday with fun in the sun. Here, you will fight the urge to sleep in, waking up with the sun to claim your best seats to the Whale dances at the crack of dawn. Once in the waters, settle in and let these gentle giants take your breath away with each plunge before swimming along the boat beside you.

Experience the best of Sri Lankan hospitality paired with the endless charm of natural artistry, here at Trinco Blu by Cinnamon. Bask in the goodness of the coastal sun as the soft tunes of the Indian Ocean serenade you. Listen to the legends of the region and bear witness to the greatness that hides within our corner in Trincomalee. Discover a different kind of beauty in this historic North-eastern coastal enclave of Sri Lanka.

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