A Visitor’s Journal; the Story of Cinnamon Red Colombo

It is said that once you are in Colombo, you are not a visitor anymore, but a part of it. Amidst the crowded city of Colombo resides Cinnamon Red Colombo, the youthful and vibrant city hotel. Located in Ananda Coomaraswamy Mawatha in Colombo 03, it is the ideal location for all travellers of the city. Cinnamon Red Colombo steps out of the luxe and grandiose of Cinnamon Grand Colombo and Cinnamon Lakeside Colombo. With a bold crimson hue in contrast of the regal purple of the sister hotels, Red stays true its youthful spirit, focusing on the ever curious traveller, hungry to explore!

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Cinnamon Red Colombo offers the best of lean luxury; a novel experience in Sri Lanka. A city hotel offering you the bare necessities of luxury. As you step in, you encounter the friendly staff, usually a group of young hoteliers welcoming you into the hotel. You look to your right and you see a hand painted landscape of Colombo with Red right in its centre.

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You take one of the three elevators and check in at level 7. You marvel at the epic scenery out the window. The view of the ocean through the skyline of Colombo is breath-taking. Once you get checked in, you find your room along a well-lit corridor. The room is complete with all essential luxury elements, a king size bed, fresh linen, top-notch washrooms, fluffy towels and a soothing shower experience. You heat up the kettle and make yourself some coffee and sip on it while you take in the beauty of this vibrant city.

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It is almost noon and you hear your stomach rumble. You step out of your room and take the elevator to the 8th floor to the restaurant, Flavoured. You notice all amenities of the hotel are cleverly themed to carry the name Red but, more on that later. You walk in as more friendly staff welcomes you and shows you to your seat. The menu is presented on a tab, making sure all aspects of the hotel remain contemporary and keeping the current climate in mind. The choice is simply overwhelming. You have a myriad of dishes to choose from and each sound as delicious as the next. You make your choice and while the staff is busy with preparation, you look around; the restaurant’s walls made of glass give you an almost 360 view of the city and suddenly you realize, you are in the pumping heart of Colombo, the city where life happens.

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You strike up a conversation with the General Manager of Cinnamon Red Colombo. You find Terrence Fernando to be a friendly soul and you recognize his spirit in all of the staff. After only a few minutes of conversation you learn that it’s his thrill for adventure that has made him a great hotelier. He sees the hotel as home, and for a minute, you do too. He leaves you with a few words that gave you new perspective, “you don’t know what you don’t know. Life is all about learning”.

After a delicious meal, you step out to soak in the warmth of the setting sun. The sky is lit in shades orange, blue and purple. The view is best along Marine Drive, only five minutes away from the hotel. The lights from the port slowly brightens up the twilight sky. The sound of the waves hitting on the sharp rocks is soothing and you take a walk towards the city centre.

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You hunt for Colombo’s world-famous street food. Your closest bet is Galle Face Green, less than ten minutes away from Red. Once you find your way through the crowd, you are hungry for more. You take a tuk tuk to Hulftsdorp, the street food haven in Colombo. The grills are fiery with all kinds of street food you could possibly imagine. Think the goodness of a spicy Arabian shawarma, Indian parathas and Sri Lanka’s own kottu.

You head back to Cinnamon Red Colombo and head up to the 26th floor, Cloud Red. The rooftop bar is lit up with soft hues of Red, keeping in theme. You order your drink from the plethora of beverages available and sip on it, while embracing the wind from the ocean, only a few minutes away and the bustle of the city beneath you. You realize this bar offers a view like no other in the city. After your drink, you take a dip in the cool, crisp waters of the infinity pool and swim a few laps leisurely, taking in the majestic view of the city.

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You head back to your room and the view through your window reminds you of the beauty of the city. The ocean peaks through the skyscrapers softly lit up and standing tall against the dark night sky. You freshen up with a cool shower and head to bed, smelling of fresh linen and falls into a deep slumber, dreaming of the delicious and convenient breakfast you would wake up to, the next day.

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The city of Colombo is alive with its people and the culture they create. Cinnamon Red Colombo encapsulates the energy of the city within its walls creating the perfect home for travellers much like you, allowing them to experience the city and feel its essence while they indulge in lean luxury.

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The stay at Cinnamon Red Colombo is an experience unique for you, as the hotel is an integral part of the city, and you the beating heart of it.

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