Why Sri Lanka is One of the World’s Best Destinations for Safari

Sri Lanka is not only a land of sandy beaches, rich history and culture; Sri Lanka is world-renowned for its bio-diversity and luscious greenery. It is also famous for adventurous safaris to see leopards, sloth bears and elephants that we have been endowed with in abundance.

It is truly an honour for this little paradise island to have been identified as one of the Best safari destinations in the world. With the abundance of wildlife that Sri Lanka is home to, it is no doubt that some of the best safari experiences in the world can be found here. What makes it even better is the hospitality and comfort offered by Cinnamon Hotels and Resorts while you’re mesmerized.


Sri Lanka boasts some of the highest rates of biological endemism in the world – meaning that 16% of its fauna and 23% of its flora are unique to the country. It has an abundance of bird-life – more than 400 species – and has its very own ‘big five’: elephants, leopards, sloth bears, blue whales and sperm whales. It is also one of the few places where people can combine whale watching with land safari in the same day.

There are 26 state-owned national parks covering an area of 5,734sqkm (2,214sqmi), much of which is protected by the Sri Lankan Department of Wildlife Conservation.

Here are two of the best safaris in Sri Lanka. You can lounge and dine and in comfort with us at Cinnamon Hotels and Resorts while you visit the following Sri Lanka safari parks;

Yala National Park

14. wild life safari

Yala National Park is one of the most famous safari parks in the island right now covering an area of 378 square miles. Both locals and foreigners have been mesmerized by the breathtaking leopard-spottings in Yala. You can spot these while you’re at Yala; Sloth bear, Leopards, Sri Lankan Elephants and Wild Water Buffalo.



Yala is situated 195km away from Colombo and is around a 6-hour drive from Colombo. Make your stay worthwhile and comfortable by staying with us at Cinnamon Wild Yala and we will curate you’re your Yala safari Sri Lanka, just as you desire.

Minneriya National Park


If you’re in love with the majestic creatures that Sri Lanka homes, do visit the Minneriya National Park to witness hundreds of Elephants roam and graze in their natural habitat. Safari through the grassland and along the lakes and be astonished by one of the worlds’ largest wild Asian elephant gatherings.


Minneriya is located 190 km away from Colombo which is approximately a 5.5-hour drive from Colombo. You can also book your stay at Cinnamon Lodge Habarana or Habarana Village by Cinnamon where our in-house naturalists will do the needful for a perfect safari.

Cinnamon Hotels and Resorts has much to boast about with its plush and comfortable living spaces, luxurious room, delectable and wide array of food, top notch service and much more.

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