Travel after COVID vaccine to Sri Lanka- Everything you need to know

Travel after COVID vaccine has now been made much easier and this article will discuss some of the must-know facts and tips about the COVID vaccine travel restrictions. Sri Lanka has recently relaxed the quarantine requirement for fully vaccinated visitors to Sri Lanka. All you need is your tourist-visa, which can be obtained via Sri Lanka Tourism, your ticket to Sri Lanka and a heart ready to have the time of your life. If the recommended doses of the COVID-19 vaccination are completed and the travellers depart from abroad two weeks after completion of vaccination, with the approval from Sri Lanka Tourism, they will be considered as “fully vaccinated”.
So, if you are fully vaccinated and planning your trip to Sri Lanka under the tourism route, this article is just for you!

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Requirements prior to arrival;
It is still mandatory that all travellers produce a negative PCR report taken 96 hours prior to embarkation. However, some airlines may even require a negative PCR result which has been done 72 hours prior to embarkation. Travellers who have received the recommended doses of COVID-19 vaccine should carry the original vaccination certificate (together with a certified copy of English language translation if the certificate is not in English or if relevant data are not indicated in English in a non-English certificate) or a verifiable evidence of vaccination.

Upon arrival at Sri Lanka;
Each traveller should submit a completed Health Declaration Form to the staff of the Airport Health Office at the health counters of arriving airport. Fully vaccinated travellers, should produce the vaccination certificate to the Airport Health Officer at the arriving airport. Thereafter, upon completion of formalities at the airport, all travellers will be transferred to their preferred Safe & Secure Certified Level 1 Hotel. Transport shall be provided by the Hotel Management on a pre-determined manner. Since the Cinnamon Hotels and Resorts properties, Cinnamon Bey Beruwala and Cinnamon Bentota Beach have been validated as Safe & Secure Certified Level 1 Hotels and you can enjoy your quarantine in the utmost luxury with us!

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What happens at the Safe & Secure Certified Level 1 Hotels?
Upon arrival at your selected hotel, all travellers should produce the vaccination certificate to the in-house doctor. Thereafter, all travellers of twelve years and above should be subject to a PCR test upon arrival (first day) from a Ministry of Health approved private-sector laboratory or a state sector laboratory.

After your stay at the Safe & Secure Certified Level 1 Hotel;
If the PCR test taken on the first day returns negative, no further quarantine is required for the said fully vaccinated travellers. The in-house doctor at your selected hotel will verify the status of the vaccination through an examination of documents and will issue a “discharge document”. Thereafter, the travellers are free to be on their way to any place their heart desires here in Sri Lanka.

Your stay in Sri Lanka;
One must always adhere to the COVID-19 preventative measures, practice social distancing and always sanitize during their stay in Sri Lanka. There are no restrictions on where the fully vaccinated travellers can stay and visit, so make the most of your Sri Lanka trip by experiencing everything Sri Lanka has to offer.

Cinnamon Hotels and Resorts is renowned for their luxurious and plush living spaces along with the yumscious food on offer, so do book your stay with us! We will also ensure your stay with us is a safe one! Our Cinnamon Care initiative is a unique safety and distancing protocol which has been implemented throughout all our hotels and restaurants to make sure that all our guests are safe from COVID-19.

Author: Shenella Fonseka

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