Top 10 Things to do in May in Sri Lanka!

Top 10 Things to do in May in Sri Lanka!

May in Sri Lanka is about coming back to life. The heat begins to reduce ever-so-slightly and the rains come pouring down. This month trees are in full bloom and fruits lay heavily burden to branches. And a world of amazing experiences are in store for you this month if you happen to be in Sri Lanka

1. Experience the Colours of Vesak

The birth, death and enlightenment of Lord Buddha is celebrated in maddening colours, lanterns and lights all across the country in a festival we call Vesak. No matter where you are during May’s full moon, heading out is most advised. Don’t forget to look out for Pandols, a traditional outdoor art installation that tells stories from the life of the Buddha.

2. Make a Vesak Lantern

The reason Vesak is so colourful owes much to the vibrant and conceptual lanterns that come together. Why don’t you try your hand at DSC_9855making one? Pick out some of your favourite colours when you buy the tissue paper, get yourself bendy straws or bamboo sticks and gather around the usual suspects: glue, scissors, tape, rope and of course your imagination. Having a local show you the ropes is also a good bet.

3. Indulge in a Rain Bath

After many months of endless heat, you’ll find our sheets of rain this May a perfect cool down in the tropics. Don’t be shy, get out from under the comfort of indoors and let our rains wash away our scorching days.

4. Surf’s Up!Tavarua-Fiji-cloudbreak-surfer-surfing

Arugam Bay at the heart of Sri Lanka’s East Coast begins to come alive in May. Surfers from all across the world come here in hope of riding the perfect wave. This familial gathering of surfers also means that the nightlife in Arugam Bay becomes the stuff of legend.

5. Escape Inside the City

If you want to get away and still be close the conveniences of the city, plan an escape at one of Cinnamon’s 3 city hotels. Cinnamon Lakeside is especially designed to create the air of a far-away resort!

6. Immerse in our History

Sri Lanka’s cultural triangle is strewn with many historical sites housing the stories of ancient kings and powerful mythology. Anuradhapura and Pollonnaruwa are particularly recommended.

7. Sunrise Season

May begins our East Coast season and if you’re here this month we recommend you start at Yala and make your way up to Trincomalee, capturing the sunrise on your way.


8. Tuk-Tuk Rides

Travelling by 3-wheeler or tuk-tuk (especially outside city limits) is a must-do experience and the best mode of short distance travel in the country

9. Go Gallery Hunting

Sri Lanka’s contemporary art scene is spectacular, so we most certainly recommend that you spend a rainy afternoon inside one of Colombo’s many concept galleries.

10. Under the Sea3

For the most daring of you, the best sights await. Ask for a try-dive or dedicate a few days to a PADI licence and you’re on your way to Sri Lanka’s kaleidoscopic underwater paradise and it’s haunting shipwrecks.

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