The rich history of the Lunuganga Estate

Craving for a lazy evening sprawl that is full of wonder? Would you like to visit what used to be the living space of a legend? How about a lazy weekend picnic with some mesmerizing views? Sri Lanka has the best solution for you! Visit the Lunuganga Estate, the country house of the renowned Sri Lankan architect Geoffrey Bawa. Spreading over 15 acres, the Geoffrey Bawa Estate is arguably one of his most famous and undoubtedly one of the most loved of his architectural works.
Geoffrey Bawa Trust
Photo Credits: Geoffrey Bawa Trust

Geoffrey Bawa (1919-2003) who belonged to the Fellowship of the Royal Institute of British Architects, left his footprint as one of the most influential and renowned Asian architects of his era. He is the principle follower and one of the driving forces behind the school of thought called “Tropical Modernism” which favours white abstract forms and horizontal rooflines. Although Bawa’s work was mainly in Sri Lanka, he made his mark all over Asia, in countries such as India, Indonesia, Mauritius, Japan, Fiji, Egypt, Pakistan, Singapore among others.

The Estate is the perfect mix of history, art and minimalism that Geoffrey Bawa is known for. The Estate features an idyllic cottage and four suites made for visitors. The country house in Lunuganga was Bawa’s first muse and experimental laboratory where all his brilliantly creative ideas took birth. These gardens are now open to the public and the buildings on the estate are run as a country house hotel. The curios, sculptures, the overall architecture and the landscaping make for an interesting experience.
Keta Shah
Photo Credits: Keta Shah

The heartwarming views of the Bentota Lake, languid stone sculptures gazing into the horizon, beautifully vibrant and eye-catching paintings, a mural painted by Laki Senanayake over a period of 30 years, gnarly trees and a tastefully designed interior makes the Lunuganga Estate a must see destination on your travels to Sri Lanka.
Shine Parsana
Photo Credits: Shine Parsana

The Lunuganga Estate is situated a close drive away from Cinnamon Bey Beruwala, you can book your stay with us and we will ensure a comfortable and luxurious stay for you while we at Cinnamon Hotels and Resorts take care of your tour to the Lunuganga Estate to witness the beauty of Bawa’s architectural creations. The entrance fee of LKR 1500 goes towards the Geoffrey Bawa Trust for the advancement and promotion of education and knowledge and the furtherance of interest in Ecological and environmental studies. So do visit the estate and experience the beauty of Bawa’s architecture at its best in person!

Author: Shenella Fonseka

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