Surfing at Pasta Point in the Maldives

Pasta Point is the North Male Atoll’s aptly named “wave machine”. It is not affected by the wind to the extent that other spots are. The reef break has garnered a reputation for pumping out pristine left-handers of various sizes. As with any solid wave machine, Pasta Point’s long and beautiful waves usually range from 4 feet to 6 feet. However, even its 1 to 2 feet waves break the same. While the point may be undeterred by onshore wind, the best time of year to surf Pasta Point is between May and August. This is when the South to Southwest trade winds are kept offshore and the consistency of the Southern swells are maintained. Here are a few reasons why Pasta Point is a must-visit:

1. It’s a surfer’s paradise

Pasta Point is the former home of Sri Lankan Airlines’ Pro WQS event. It has three areas that can provide a 100 yard ride when done right. The initial take-off region leads surfers to what is called the “Macaroni Bowl”. This area spits surfers out for a cutback or a few top turns just before the “Lockjaws” i.e. fast and shallow end. It is a gentle reminder to give the shallow reef a wide berth.

2. It’s exclusive

Of the many activities in Maldives tourists enjoy partaking in, surfing is often at the top of their list of adventurous things to do in Maldives. Pasta Point has been intertwined with its onshore site for a long time, unlike other North Male Atoll waves that break away at uninhabited islands. The point derives its name from an Italian resort that once stood there. Cinnamon Dhonveli Maldives has exclusive access to the break and permits only a few people to remain there at a time. In spite of what the islands’ water regulations stipulate, there remains a strong “if you don’t live here, you cannot surf here” vibe that appeals to many pro surfers. This makes the point sought after, given its exclusivity.

3. Its location is ideal

Pro and amateur surfers alike will find Pasta Point’s proximity to many renowned luxurious hotels in the Maldives helpful if surfing is only one part of their agenda for a luxurious island getaway. The ideal situation for many surfers who desire to experience a luxurious vacation is staying at a resort that has all the amenities they require along with a fantastic surf set up. The Cinnamon Dhonveli Maldives is the preferred choice for many visitors to Pasta Point, particularly because of the view overlooking the point that one of its bars offers.

When planning your next Maldives holiday Pasta Point ought to be at the top of your bucket list of places to visit. Amateur surfers have the option of taking surfing lessons so they won’t miss out on the fun when on holiday. If you aren’t looking to surf, simply watching other surfers in action aboard the Maldives pristine ocean waters will prove to be a simple pleasure in itself.

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