Sri Lanka travel; Is it safe?

Sri Lanka; a paradise isle renowned for its exquisite hospitality and heartwarming experiences. It is a land of sandy beaches, luscious greenery, architectural wonders, rich historical sites, abundant wild and marine life and brimming with many more experiences that you must not miss. There’s always an eclectic, fun and imaginative mix of things to do in Sri Lanka guaranteed to make you fall in love with our special breed of island magic.
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However, a burning question has arisen for many; Is Sri Lanka safe again? With the issuance of many travel advisories to Sri Lanka, it is no surprise! Nevertheless, all races and religions have come together to work towards the peace and harmony enjoyed before the Easter Sunday attacks. This multi-ethnic and multi-cultural nation has gone through much but come out stronger and this instance is no exception.
What have we done to enhance the safety measurements?
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Sri Lanka Tourism Board:

Authorities have facilitated programmes on safety measures to strengthen security at hotels and resorts. Officials from the Police and tri-forces have been deployed extensively to secure tourist sites to ensure safety to all tourists. Further, a 24-hour emergency support desk has been established and they can be accessed through the emergency hotlines set up for this purpose.

Sri Lanka Tourism is committed to make Sri Lanka Travels a one of a kind and refreshing experience for its tourist. To ensure this, the Tourist Board has put in place a task force who works diligently and efficiently and we are confident that they have a clear and actionable process in place, resources allocated and global expertise procured to support the industry in its recovery.
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Cinnamon Hotels and Resorts:

We are working hand-in-hand with the authorities to ensure that your stay at Cinnamon Hotels and Resorts will be a safe and comfortable one. We at Cinnamon work in tandem with the Government, Police and the armed forces to maintain security and peace within our properties. Sri Lanka is known for its resilience during times of trial and here’s another example of it!
Security measures have been enhanced and additional safety measures introduced, in consultation with the authorities and security experts, to ensure the safety of our guests and team members at all our Cinnamon City and Resort Hotels and all our places of business.

All our hotels, tourist hotspots, beaches and places of interest are fully functional and open but with tighter security for your safety. There are absolutely no road closures hindering your travels in Sri Lanka and no other restrictions on movement.

With all the love and support of our partners and well-wishers, police and tri-forces with unprecedented skill and efficiency that has defeated brutal terrorism, a united community dedicated to eradicate extremism, extensive security measures and Cinnamon’s renowned expertise in hospitality makes for another memorable trip to Sri Lanka.

Author: Shenella Fonseka

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