Sri Lanka Travel Bubble; What it means to travel in a Travel Bubble?

We are all excited that Sri Lanka is safe to travel now and finally open for tourists under a travel bubble! It is the safest way to visit your favourite paradise island and enjoy the nature, wildlife, history and rich culture we have been endowed with! The Sri Lanka Travel Bubble includes many procedures and strict measures to ensure that you will not be compromising your health to enjoy the island.

What is travel bubble?
A travel bubble can also be called green zones, air bridges or even green lanes. These are essentially understandings between certain countries which have sufficiently controlled the spread of the COVID-19 with regards to allowing citizens from those countries to visit other countries included in the travel bubble. This allows travel without long and tiresome quarantine periods.

The Sri Lanka bio-security bubble and how does it work?
The Sri Lanka bio-bubble will be created depending on the PCR test results of the tourists, they will then accordingly be moved around in a bio-security bubble or in a group and will be allowed to visit certain travel attractions of Sri Lanka on specific days. Tourists arriving in Sri Lanka will not be required to undergo a full quarantine of fourteen days but will have to stay in an approved hotel, known as a Safe and Secure Certified Level 1 Hotels for a minimum of fourteen days. Upon the completion of these fourteen days, tourists will be allowed to travel within Sri Lanka and change their hotels too.
During your stay of fourteen days in a safe and secure hotel, tourists will be allowed to move around the premises, use the common utilities such as pool and spa, explore all facilities within the hotel, and to visit designated tourist sites. Some of these must-see tourist destinations are the pink stone Sigiriya Fortress, the Yala National Park and fourteen other destinations.

Who can visit Sri Lanka under the bio-bubble?
As far as Sri Lanka travel restrictions go, tourists from all the world are welcome to visit and experience this paradise island, Sri Lanka. However, anyone living in the United Kingdom and anyone who has visited the United Kingdom within the period of 1-14 days before arrival in Sri Lanka will not be allowed to enter Sri Lanka.

Where to stay?
Safe and Secure Certified Level 1 Hotel will provide accommodation services exclusively for international tourists during the first 14 days of their stay. The level 1 hotels cannot accept bookings from locals and also are not allowed to hold any events or banquet functions for locals. Cinnamon Bey Beruwala and Cinnamon Bentota Beach have been certified as Level 1 safe and secure hotels, so you can enjoy your first fourteen days with us in absolute comfort and luxury. You can even transfer between the two properties during your stay in Sri Lanka

Any restrictions?
All tourists will be required to obtain an insurance policy which also covers COVID-19 prior to their arrival in Sri Lanka. The Visa on arrival facility has been suspended temporarily Tourists have now been requested to apply for visa in advance, which can easily be done via the online Immigration ETA portal at a cost of just USD 35!
Travelling within the island will only be allowed if it has been arranged by the approved hotels. Tourists will not be allowed to use any public transportation during their 14 day stay and any movement will have to be organized by the hotel and by approved tour guides employed by the hotels.

We at Cinnamon Hotels and Resorts are genuinely excited and pleased to welcome you and treat you as best we can, once again! We cannot wait to show you the true hospitality Sri Lanka is world-renowned for! With our safety initiative, Cinnamon Care, a unique safety and distancing protocol has been implemented throughout all our hotels and restaurants to make sure that all our guests are safe. So do make sure you book your stay with us for a safe and memorable tour to Sri Lanka.

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