Sightseeing in Bentota, Sri Lanka

Are you looking for a small getaway with a plenty of things to keep you busy and entertained? Then, we’ve got you covered! The coastal town of Bentota in Sri Lanka is situated in the southwest region of the island and is known for its calm weather, relaxing beaches, and dazzling marine life. However, that is not all you can see and experience in Bentota. Here are just a few things you can see while you’re sightseeing in Bentota;

1. The aesthetic Geoffrey Bawa Garden
This must-see destination is a garden designed and architected by the infamous Geoffrey Bawa. The garden once used to form part of his house and is to date one of the top tourist attractions in the area. The garden has been aesthetically divided into various sections and parts to avoid getting lost in the thick jungle and large areas of garden. Some of these sections consist of the red terrace, the glass room, the water garden, the yellow courtyard, the broad walk, etc. Do not miss this Bentota tourist attraction.


Photo Credits – @santhush_weerakoon

2. The fertile lands of the Cinnamon Island
The Cinnamon Island has always attracted large groups of tourists to witness this island which is famous for its age-old cinnamon plantation. Upon your visit, you can learn Cinnamon is processed to how it is used. Most interestingly, for generations, this place has been taken care of by a single family and you must not miss this island during your trip to Bentota.


Photo Credits – @srimalpriyanjana

3. The sacred Kande Viharaya
The Kande Viharaya is one of the biggest Buddhists temples in the district of Kalutara and the temple derives its name from its location – a mountain crest. Atop a mountain sits a majestic cross-legged Buddha and is said to be one of the tallest sitting Buddha statues in the world. The temple is now home to monks living together inside the temple premises.


Photo Credits – @marishka.petrosyan

4. The ancient Galapata Viharaya
This temple is believed to have been in existence since the twelfth century and is said to have contained a maze of underground tunnels that connect various temples within the area. The biggest attraction at the Galapata Viharaya is the thirty-meter-high Buddha statue surrounded by eye-catching paintings. Here’s the place to be for those history enthusiasts. Explore the rich history which intertwined with this mesmerizing Viharaya while you’re in Bentota.

@Kasun Sanjula2

Photo Credits – Kasun Sanjula

5. The historic Galle Dutch Fort
Experience a piece of Sri Lanka’s rich history, culture and tradition by visiting the Galle Dutch Fort. Take a couple of hours to walk around and explore what the Fort is home to; a huge collection of antique museums and archaic churches. It is believed that the fort was initially built by the Portuguese and was later modified by the Dutch. The Galle Dutch fort has not been declared as a UNESCO World Heritage site and is a stunning blend of architecture, archaeology and history amidst a beautiful tropical setting.


Photo Credits – @binario_12

6. The Kosgoda Sea Turtle Conservation Project
The sea turtles of Sri Lanka, some of which are endemic to the island, are one of our biggest assets as a nation. Therefore, projects such as this are necessary and much useful. This project aims to protect and rescue sea turtles and make sure that the eggs hatch safely without any interference from predators. Preserve the gift of sea turtles endowed upon us and ensure our dazzling sea life stays well and healthy.


Photo Credits – @markwumitchell

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Author – Shenella Fonseka

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