Romantic getaway to Bentota at one of the best honeymoon resorts in Sri Lanka

Are you planning that extra special, unique and romantic getaway with a plenty of things to keep you busy and entertained? Then, we’ve got you covered! The coastal town of Bentota in Sri Lanka is situated in the southwest region of the island and is known for its calm weather, relaxing beaches, dazzling marine life and has an overall idyllic atmosphere making it the perfect honeymoon destination with some of the best honeymoon resorts in Sri Lanka.

Here are just a few things you and your soul mate can do while you honeymoon in Bentota;

1. River Safari at the Madhu Ganga
A Boat Safari on the Madhu Ganga gives you a two-in-one experience of witnessing the beautiful wildlife of Sri Lanka while you enjoy a boat ride with your loved one, meandering past river dwellings and dense mangroves. Venture deep into these mangroves, and experience this unique adventure in Bentota. Connect with your loved one at a deeper level on this adventurous yet relaxing river safari.

Photo Credit:@sushrash

2. Romantic dinner by the sea and river
What’s not to miss about a romantic candle-lit dinner by the sea or river (take your pick!) with the love of your life following a busy schedule and hectic wedding plans? We at Cinnamon Bentota Beach will curate the most perfect, dream-like and fantastical dinner for the two of you and we will ensure that you have the time of your life and make your honeymoon all the more memorable!

3. Visiting the Brief Garden by Bevis Bawa
This must-see destination is a garden designed and architected by the infamous Bevis Bawa. The garden once used to form part of his house and is to date one of the top tourist attractions in the area. Stroll along the statue capped gateways as you enter the paradise created by Bawa and enjoy the Japanese garden, wide lawn, the round pons and the water steps of this landscaping masterpiece. Take a walk in this garden with your life partner and reminisce the good times past and the better times to come!

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4. Take a stroll at the Moragalla Beach
Silky sand beneath your feet, sea salt in your hair, the golden sun rays dancing on your skin and to top it off, the love of your life by your side! There is no better way to honeymoon than with a stroll at the beautiful sandy shores of the Moragalla Beach. Do make a visit to this beautiful beach to make your Bentota honeymoon a complete one!

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5. Stay at a romantic resort
If you’ve been wondering what the best resorts in Sri Lanka for a honeymoon were, look no further than Cinnamon Bentota Beach! It is one of the best hotels for couples in Sri Lanka owing to its idyllic atmosphere, relaxing and romantic ambience and all the fun activities on offer for couples on honeymoon. We can arrange all the excursions listed above and more! So, do book your honeymoon with us for a truly romantic experience!


Cinnamon Bentota Beach along with Cinnamon Island Weddings make the perfect wedding combination! Seek our expertise and experience with curating weddings to your needs and requests and we will not fail you! Leave it to us and be mesmerized at your own destination wedding! Besides, with Cinnamon Care you won’t have a single thing to worry about; Our extensive health and safety measures will keep you and all your guests safe and worry-free!

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