Places not to miss during your visit to Kandy

If being close to nature sounds like your perfect holiday, a visit to Kandy is the place to be. From the moment you open your eyes at dawn, until it closes again at night, lush greenery, sparkling waters and mountainous landscapes of Kandy are guaranteed to amaze and mesmerize you!
Apart from the breathtaking nature trails, Kandy being Sri Lanka’s last kingdom also offers its visitors a taste of the rich culture and heritage of this paradise isle. Don’t miss out on these places on your visit to Kandy:

Venture into the depths of nature at;

1. Adams’s Peak

Challenge yourself to climb up this 2243m high conical mountain which you will realize at the end of almost 5000 steps is quite rewarding! The beauty of the sunrise, the mountainous landscapes, hills lapping over hills, misty clouds rolling before you and greenery everywhere you look; there’s not a chance you will want to miss this!
adams peak World Normad new
Photo Credits: World Normad

2. The Mahaweli River

Hop on a boat and be enchanted by the beauty of the majestic river and the mist that rises from the waters. From the list of things to do in Kandy, here’s one you must strike off and let our team at Cinnamon Citadel Kandy take care of it; Our in-house naturalists will accompany you to ensure that you spot the array of exotic birds, amphibians and a few reptiles while you absorb the scenic beauty of Kandy.
mahaweli new

3. Knuckles Mountain Range

Named after its likeness to a clenched fist, this mysterious and mystifying mountain range offers some of Sri Lanka’s most hauntingly beautiful nature trails. From a high range of biodiversity to inhabitant native tribes, the Knuckles has got it all in store, waiting to be discovered!
knuckles new
Photo Credits: Rachel Anderson

4. Udawattakele Forest

Longing to feel like part of Sri Lanka’s royalty? Here’s your chance! Wander into the Udawatta kele Forest that was once forbidden to commoners, and reserved only for the ‘blue-blooded’. Explore the many trails and hidden ruins within this forest reserve and soak it all in.

5. Peradeniya Royal Botanical Gardens

Fancy roaming around rows and rows of colourful flowers, chirping birds, luscious green trees with the cool breeze in your hair? You can have it all at the Peradeniya Royal Botanical Gardens, which is the largest botanical garden of Sri Lanka and the finest of its kind in Asia. Take your time and enjoy your walk in the park.
peradeniya new
Photo Credits: Erika Aleinikova

Experience Kandy’s culture and heritage in all its glamour at:

1. The sacred Temple of the Tooth

The aroma of frangipani and lotus flowers, majestic high walls of the royal palace complex, soothing white-clad pilgrims, the strong fragrance of incense makes up the aura of this ancient and sacred Temple which houses the Sacred tooth relic of Buddha. An experience of a lifetime that you should not miss.

2. The ancient Kandy City

The Kandy city is known for its beauty, centered with the alluring Kandy lake, the Temple of the Tooth taking prominence among all buildings and surrounded by mountains and green hills. The old streets of Kandy City are best admired by foot. Kandy City Tours which are guided and curated by experts are available at your request.

Enjoy your holiday in the lap of luxury

From the many hotels in Kandy, Cinnamon Citadel Kandy holds a special place in the hearts of most tourist. Wake up to a picture-postcard view of the longest river in the island and soak up the five-star ambience on offer while you enjoy;

1. Champagne Breakfast:

Exclusive champagne breakfast with a panoramic view of the green hills, cold mists and the clear waters of the Mahaweli while we offer delightful glimpses of cuisine from different parts of the world with breathtaking views of our surroundings.
champagne breakfast

2. High-tea:

While you’re so close to the endless stretches of tea bushes and plantations, enjoy your own endless supply of Ceylon Tea along with our scrumptious bite-sized savouries and desserts coupled with a great view of the perpetually flowing Mahaweli River.
cit new

There are many ways to reach Kandy; the easiest would be through public transportation such as by Bus or Train. The journey is picturesque with plenty of scenic views to keep you occupied the whole way through regardless of which route you decide to take. You can travel through Kurunegala to Kandy or take the expressway and travel via Negombo, whichever you decide, it’s going to be one exciting ride!

Relish in the five-star comfort that Cinnamon Citadel Kandy has to offer while you explore Kandy’s abundant nature, culture and heritage!

Author: Shenella Fonseka

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