Male City Tour; 05 Best Sights & Experiences

The Maldivian archipelago is world renowned for its beautiful beaches, azure waters, breathtaking underwater life and for the endless fun under the sun, but that’s not it. Male, the Capital of the Maldives is an area of less than six square kilometers consisting of a population of about 150,000 citizens and is one of the world’s smallest national capitals. The Male city is a beautifully organized and compact city and a Male city tour is a must try on your trip to the Maldives.

If you’re on a short transit in the Maldives or on a Maldives holiday, Male is the perfect city for a quick tour. It is conveniently located a short boat ride away from Ellaidhoo Maldives by Cinnamon. So just hop on a boat and experience what the little City of Male has in store for you. If you’re wondering what to do in Male, here are a few things you must see and experience;

1. From the old times and new- The National Museum of the Maldives

The National Museum of Maldives homes artefacts from the ancient and medieval times to the modern times. The items on display include weaponry, religious paraphernalia and household wares as well as many impressively carved Arabic- and Thaana-engraved pieces of wood commemorating the conversion of Maldives to Islam in 1153.

That’s not it, there are some modern artefacts on display which include; the minutes of the famous underwater cabinet meeting held under President Nasheed in 2009 and the highlight being a 6m-long skeleton of the rare Longman’s Beaked Whale, which is yet to have been sighted alive in the ocean.
male national museum
Photo Credits: Adam Mohamed

2. A symbol of religiosity- The Grand Mosque

The Maldives is a country that consists of mainly Muslim devotees and the Grand Mosque is the oldest mosque in the country dating back to 1656. This majestic mosque is a breathtaking sight with a structure of coral stone into which intricate decoration and Quranic script have been chiseled. The interior of the mosque is renowned for its fine lacquer work and elaborate woodcarvings, so don’t miss out on the chance to experience these intricacies!

3. Memorabilia to take home from the Male Local Market

The local market in Male is famous among locals as well as tourists. You can find yourself a wide range of items that are unique and exclusive to this island. So do visit the local market and purchase beautiful and intricate memorabilia to remind you of all your adventures here in the Maldives or take some home to your loved ones as a souvenir.

4. Feast to your hearts content with exquisite Maldivian dining experiences

Don’t miss out on the happening food scene during your stay in the Maldives! With a wide array of delectable dishes, succulent and delicious, the sea food, among others, is cooked to perfection. Visit the Seagull Café, Citron by Lemongrass or even hop on a boat and take a short trip to Ellaidhoo Maldives by Cinnamon for exquisite and perfectly curated dining experiences with top-notch service and five-star comfort.
male ellaidhoo

5. Honour the lives and memory of Tsunami victims at the Tsunami Monument

Built as a poignant reminder of the deadly waves that took the lives of many in December 2014, the monument is a fascinating structure that is worth visiting when in the Maldives. Rising above the landscape the captivating design has a story of its own to tell; the names of the dead are engraved on each of the vertical rods that form the structure and the 20 steel balls that complete it symbolize the country’s atolls.
male tsunami monument
Photo Credits: Mauruf

Do make a trip around the little city of Male on your trip to the Maldives for a short and sweet Male City Tour covering all the places of interest in the capital city of the Maldives!

Author: Shenella Fonseka

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