Lotus Tower Colombo; 10 interesting and lesser known facts

The Lotus Tower Colombo is a beautifully vibrant and iconic addition to the skyline of Colombo, towering at an imposing height of 350m, the Nelum Kuluna Colombo dominates the local skyline and became a tourist highlight in no-time! The Lotus Tower was declared open and vested with the public on the 16th of September 2019. With the Lotus Tower Colombo opening, the public are now able to enjoy panoramic views of our island home from a height of 250m!
Lucian Perera
Photo Credits: Lucian Perera

1. Standing tall, beating the rest of South Asia!

The completed structure of the Colombo Lotus Tower boasts a mega height of 350m, making it the tallest self-supported structure in the whole of South Asia!

2. Setting a mark in Asia and the World

Not only in South Asia, the Colombo Lotus Tower has made its mark in world statistics too! The newly opened tower is considered to be the 11th tallest self-supported structure in Asia and the 19th in height of the tallest self-supported structures in the World!

3. An emblem of Pride

The glamour and beauty of the Lotus Tower is breathtaking, however, it is not only something to admire, but also an emblem of pride. The tower was locally designed by our very own University undergraduates. The Faculty of Architecture of University of Moratuwa along with senior faculty members provided professional advice on design for this project and also professional advice on cost planning and cost control of the project.

4. It’s not just another Tower

The Lotus Tower comprises of among others; A telecommunications museum, a revolving restaurant, a hotel, an auditorium, a conference hall, a ballroom and an observation deck which are all state-of-the-art designs!
The public will be able to witness the beauty of the Tower by paying a nominal fee as the Lotus Tower Colombo entry fee. However, concessions may be granted to school children and families.

5. A different view every time!

The first of its kind in the country, the Lotus Tower homes a revolving fine-dining restaurant at a height of 234.2m. The restaurant will rotate one full circle in 90 minutes; so you will never have to worry about your view.

6. Did someone say an outdoor observation deck?

Yes! An outdoor observation deck is situated in the 7th floor of the Tower at a height of approximately 250m. The best place to be for all your Instagram-worthy pictures!
Visit Sri Lanka
Photo Credits: Visit Sri Lanka

7. A vibrant and colourful skyline

The petals of the Lotus Tower will be illuminated by LED lights of multiple colours and the trunk will be lit up by floodlights making it visible from a distance as well. Guess what? That’s not it, the Tower will be decorated appropriately during festivities such as Christmas, Avurudu, Eid, etc.
Ishara Thilakarathne
Photo Credits: Ishara Thilakarathne

8. Travel up in style and speed

Ever wondered how you could make your way up the Lotus Tower? Fear not! You’re just about to experience the speediest elevator ride up which will take you up at a speed of 7mps, for the first time in Sri Lanka!

9. Symbolic, not just iconic!

The fact that the Lotus Tower is an iconic landmark of Sri Lanka is not in doubt but that’s not it. The Tower which has been inspired by the Lotus flower symbolizes the purity of the Sri Lankan culture and also represents the country’s flourishing development.
Lotus tower
Photo Credits: SriLankaInStyle

10. An innovation in the field Electronic Communication

The Antenna Mast at the top of the tower is the main feature of Lotus Tower and is an innovation in the field of Electronic Communication as it has been designed to accommodate 20 television broadcasting companies, 50 FM broadcasters and telecom operators. The Antenna Mast itself boasts a height of about 90m and is a steel structure of much design value.

You can visit the Lotus Tower Colombo on your visit to Sri Lanka easily by booking your stay with Cinnamon Hotels and Resorts as it is situated only a few minutes away from our city locations. The Lotus Tower is only a quick drive from Cinnamon Grand Colombo, Cinnamon Lakeside Colombo and also the Cinnamon Red Colombo, so do stay with us and we will ensure you witness this beautiful and glamorous structure and take some breathtaking photographs.

The Colombo Lotus Tower is definitely one of the must visit places in Colombo along with Cinnamon Life, an iconic mixed development project, which is a city within a city and will consist of an 800-roomed luxury hotel, an array of entertainment facilities, premium residential apartments, retail and entertainment mall, office spaces, and many much more! The Colombo Lotus Tower as well as Cinnamon Life are guaranteed to provide you with once in a lifetime experiences, so don’t miss out!
Life exterior

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