Is Sri Lanka safe for travel; 7 facts & tips to know

Sri Lanka is on a steady road to recovery, our sandy beaches, luscious greenery, architectural wonders, rich historical sites, and abundant wild and marine life are ready to welcome you again and give you experiences of a lifetime! Sri Lanka, known for its resilience during times of trouble, has steadily improved and is returning back to normalcy with heightened security for everyone’s safety.

So, is Sri Lanka safe for travel? Here are some facts and tips to ease your mind before you travel to Sri Lanka;

What is the status of travel advisories to Sri Lanka?

The UK and Australia have relaxed their Sri Lanka travel advisory. And guess what? They’re not the only ones! Switzerland, China, Austria, Sweden, Germany, India, Norway, the Netherlands and Italy too have relaxed their tourism travel advisory enabling potential travellers to visit the island. So put your doubts to rest, and visit Sri Lanka, you will never regret!

Was the whole of Sri Lanka affected by the 4/21 attacks?

Simply put, not at all.

The attacks took place in three areas; Colombo, Negombo and Batticaloa. The rest of the island remained safe and unaffected. Tourist hotspots such as Kandy, Unawatuna, Benthota, Mirissa, Galle, Nuwara Eliya, Ella, Jaffna, Sigiriya, Trincomalee etc were not targeted and remain unchanged just like our exquisite hospitality and the heartwarming experiences on offer.
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What is done to ensure security of travelers?

The Government of Sri Lanka and Sri Lanka Tourism have put in place many security procedures and mechanisms to ensure your safety while you have the time of your life.

These include but are definitely not limited to routine checks and heightened security protocol. With the thorough checks that are conducted before you enter quite frankly, anywhere, will make you feel safe and free. Sri Lanka Tourism has also established a dedicated single source portal to provide a credible line of intelligence and providing clear security updates. This ensures you are up-to-date with reliable and timely Sri Lanka Travel News.

Sri Lanka has returned to normalcy, Military leaders have confirmed and Sri Lankans across the island have responded with confidence by sending their children back to school and reporting to work fearlessly.

Security forces have confirmed that the group responsible for the attacks have been taken into custody and that the security threat has been sufficiently contained.

Is it a good time to travel to Sri Lanka?

The better question would be, when is it not? It’s always a good time to travel to Sri Lanka. We’re a year-round destination!

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That’s not it, experience the essence of Sri Lanka with the most awaited “Kandy Perahera”; a procession of lights, dance, music and everything Sri Lankan at the annual procession of the Temple of the Tooth. You can also encounter nature at its finest; August is known to be the best month to view the elephant gathering at Minneriya, hop on a jeep while you stay at Habarana Village by Cinnamon or Cinnamon Lodge Habarana and be mesmerized by the beauty Sri Lanka’s nature and wildlife.

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What are the prevailing issues I should be vigilant about?

While you visit Sri Lanka, there are certain things you must worry about. For example, the climate, ocean currents, traffic, bugs and mosquitoes, etc.

While you enjoy your day out in the sun, please be mindful of the ocean currents that can be quite strong and unpredictable, so the usual rules apply. Yes, the hot sun makes for days lazy-ing out on the beach or days of thrilling adventure but the climate can be very hot and humid during this season. So make sure you stay hydrated and have a good sun protection. Also, here in the Tropics, Bugs and Mosquitoes are a norm. So don’t forget your insect repellants!

And as for the traffic? It can get bad during peak hours, so hire your local driver who will take you safely to your destination and avoid the peak hours!

If I travel to Sri Lanka would it help the country to recover from attacks?


Our tourists are very important to us; not only to exhibit our naturally hospitable nature but because it’s a way of living for us! Well over 2 million people are actively employed in the tourism industry, it is important that they have a livelihood after they themselves have lost their family and friends at the attacks. So do visit us and enjoy everything from our beautiful nature and wildlife to exquisite hospitality, scrumptious food and plush comforts.

Where can I stay in Sri Lanka?

We at Cinnamon Hotels and Resorts have all the answers to your lodging needs. Whether it’s a place to stay in the heart of Colombo, by the beach, up on a hill or in the wild, we have got you covered! While you’re at it, enjoy the wide array of delectable dishes we have put together just for you and relax with a day at our Spas.

Visit our city locations; Cinnamon Grand, Cinnamon Lakeside or Cinnamon Red in Colombo for the perfect experience of city living where everything you need is located right at your doorstep. Experience Colombo at its best by staying at these hotels during your stay.

That’s not it, each of our resort locations spread all over the island in Kandy, Hikkaduwa, Habarana, Trincomalee, Yala and the rest have a different aspect of island living to experience. So book your stay with us and we will ensure that you experience Sri Lanka and have all the fun under the sun before you leave this beautiful paradise isle.

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