Hello Sri Lanka: First glimpse of Colombo – Jessica Korteman

As soon as we set foot off our Sri Lankan airlines flight, we felt the comforting embrace of the tropics. The heat was instant yet hung low and thick, enveloping us in ever so gentle waves of warmth. We were lulled forward like the pleasant place between sleepiness and slumber, breathing in our new surroundings. Without intention, a smile emerged from within. We were back in Asia, and it felt good.

Despite the fatigue that inherently comes from flying across times zones, having dinner at breakfast time and all that it takes to get from booking your trip to finding yourself in that airplane seat, the journey from the airport to our accommodation is one of my favourite periods of time. There’s the ‘I’m finally here’ sensation coupled with my insatiable impulse to get right in the thick of things. My eyes are glued to the window, knowing that sleep will have its time at the hotel.

Tuk tuks, Colombo, Sri Lanka

We were headed for Cinnamon Lakeside, one of the luxurious Cinnamon Hotel properties we’d be staying at during our Sri Lankan adventure. Upon arrival, our car door was opened with a smile, our baggage taken away and we suddenly stepped into refreshing coolness. If there’s anything better than the welcome hug of heat, it’s stepping back into more moderate temperatures and sighing at the glorious contrast.

Our room on the third floor was spacious and overlooked the inviting pool. We made ourselves at home and sat down with some reading materials to map out the must’s on our month-long trip.

Cinnamon Lakeside Hotel, Colombo

Sri Lanka may be quite small, but it’s still many hours on a bus to travel to all the most well-known locations. We were pleased to discover Cinnamon Air, Sri Lanka’s only domestic airline, that could get us everywhere we wanted to go in minutes, rather than hours. Plus, they use these awesome looking Cessna’s that would work perfectly for my own circa late 1920’s Amelia Earhart moment. Let’s see if we can’t make it happen.

Jessica Korteman – Notes of Nomads

Jessica Korteman was hosted by Cinnamon Hotels & Resorts and SriLankan Airlines in partnership with the Professional Travel Bloggers Association for TBCasia – Asia’s First Ever Travel Bloggers Conference 2014 in Sri Lanka.

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