Everything You Need to Know about Sri Lanka Solo Female Travel

The concept of travelling solo can be daunting…especially if you are female as it raises many questions – will I be safe? What routes should I take? How should I get about in terms of transport? Who will take photos of me atop scenic sites and vantage points?

The most important thing in mastering the art of solo female travel is selecting the right destination. So why not choose Sri Lanka? Whether it be a cross country trip or even a city break, some destinations are more suited to the female solo travel experience. With Sri Lanka, there are a plethora of possibilities and your choice of where you should go – be it the mountains, by the ocean, towards the tea plantations or simply a city break – are endless.

Lets make your Sri Lanka solo female trip easy for you by breaking down the most important things you need to know:

1. I am planning a solo trip to Sri Lanka. What do I need to know?

Sri Lanka is home to a diverse range of adventures from its UNESCO World Heritage sites to its rich wildlife, vivid tea plantations, to its delicious, spicy food and its hospitable people.

It is also a well known tourist destination for many decades and most people are able to communicate in English. They are extremely friendly and will go out of their way to help you if needed.

Here are few tips for your solo trip:

1. Keep your distance from beach boys and any strange male that may approach you on the beach
2. Book your accommodation, transport well in advance after reviewing travel review sites and other personal recommendations from friends who have traveled to Sri Lanka before
3. Plan a strict itinerary with 4 to 5 key locations and stick to your predesignated route
4. Use Google Maps as much as you need to
5. Sri Lanka is a country for the early bird. It is best to wake up early and get into public transport before the daily morning rush hour
6. Sri Lanka has a tourist police division which you get more information here: https://www.srilankatourismhub.com/sri-lanka-tourist-police/

As a tropical island, it is recommended to wear cotton clothing as much as possible. Note that cultural heritage sites and temples will require you to dress modestly – covering your legs and arms as well as taking your footwear off before entering. Also do not pose in front of any statue of Lord Buddha with your back turned to it as that is considered taboo.
Nightlife outside of Colombo is generally inactive so it is advised to avoid travelling solo at night.

Photo Credits: @sistersistertravels

2. How to get around Sri Lanka as a solo female traveler?

Plan your itinerary in advance so you figure out accommodation, routes and safe transport. Ride share apps such as UBER and the local variant Pick Me are available in the forms of Trishaws and Cars, where you place your end location and travel. Most drivers prefer cash to online transaction so do have plenty of change at hand.

Do note that Ride Share’s are only available in some major cities such as Colombo and Kandy. To travel the rest of the island safely you can hire a car, drive your own Trishaw or take public transport – either bus or train.

tuk- whats_up_beaches

Photo Credits : @whats_up_beaches

Trains are an easy way of getting about outside of Colombo. However the Sri Lanka Railway Service currently does not offer online services. You would need to get to Sri Lanka and get a local SIM where you can download the app and book tickets online:

Dialog: https://www.dialog.lk/mobile-vas-dial-444-purchase-train-tickets/
Mobitel: https://www.mobitel.lk/train-tickets

train -journeyera.com

Photo Credits: www.journeyera.com

3. Where to stay in Sri Lanka?

Planning your accommodation ahead is also important so that you are able to research, read travel reviews and choose the best hotels to stay at during your trip. Cinnamon Hotels has a wide range of properties strewn across every major tourist city in Sri Lanka.

Each of these hotels are in close proximity to popular tourist sites so you can easily travel to see the iconic Sigiriya Rock Fortress or Minneriya Elephant Park if staying at Cinnamon Lodge Habarana or the stunning coastal belt of the South alongside a tour of the historic Galle Fort if staying at Hikka Tranz by Cinnamon.

CL habarana 2
Location – Cinnamon Lodge Habarana

If a city break is what you are after, then don’t forget to explore the cosmopolitan city of Colombo, with its ever expanding skyline. Stay at Cinnamon Lakeside Colombo which is right by the Beira Lake of whose view you can admire…or even take a boat ride!

4. How much will it cost for my solo trip in Sri Lanka?

How much you spend on your trip depends on what kind of accommodation you stay at from air BnBs to dormitories to comfortable hotels such as the Cinnamon Hotels chain. Comfort and personal security are the most important factors to keep in mind, especially in terms of accommodation so we highly recommend being based at a hotel.

Transport and food in Sri Lanka are cheap so you can budget accordingly.

However, entrance tickets to popular cultural sites are expensive so it is important to do prior research and plan ahead. Don’t forget to carry Sri Lankan Rupees as most establishments, restaurants and tourist sites prefer local currency.

Here are list of entrance ticket prices for popular Sri Lankan tourist sites:


Sri Lanka for solo travelers is the ideal destination to explore and we hope that you will take into account all of travel advice when planning your next adventure!


Photo Credits: @allaboutwanderlust

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