Colombo nightlife; the hours after dark

During the day, the streets of Colombo will keep you busy, admiring the many famous buildings, attractions, shops and the scenic views; but it’s during the night that Colombo can truly mesmerize the thrill-seeker and hedonist in you! Colombo nightlife is so vibrant and highly ecstatic that Sri Lanka has no better place that can match the wild all-nighters and endless dance parties of Colombo.

While you stroll through the streets of the capital city, you may realize there’s a wide array of things to do in Colombo; from enjoying the beautiful skyline of the Colombo city to pubs, clubs and casinos to visit.
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Photo Credits- Gihan Madhusanka

Here’s our guide of how to make the most of Colombo after dark…

1. Experiences not to be missed:

While you’re out and about in Colombo after dark, there are a few five-star Bars that are a must-visit. Wind down and enjoy a drink with a great ambience, five-class comfort and top notch service at these bars:

Cloud Red at Cinnamon Red Colombo is home to the highest rooftop bar in the city and it’s definitely where Colombo’s nightlife meets its heights with a 360-degree panoramic view over the capital. Savour our exclusive cocktails and nibble on our tapas platter or other bar snacks as you raise a toast to good times.
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The Breeze Bar at Cinnamon Grand Colombo lives up to its name by being famous for the most relaxed breeze by the pool and heady concoctions perfectly curated to enhance the carefree vibe floating around. Live performances, a few rounds of shisha, a tapas or satay platter and our signature cocktails and indulge yourself and we assure you that it will be a night to remember.
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Fancy partying by the lake? We take it even further! Party to the rhythmic ripples of the Beira Lake at 8 Degrees North on the Lake at Cinnamon Lakeside. As the night falls, float across the Beira Lake, gaze up at the stars through the translucent roof and truly enjoy this one of a kind experience brought to you exclusively by Cinnamon Hotels and Resorts.
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2. Pubs and clubs that are a must-visit

The clubs of Colombo boast a perfect ambiance for you to let your hair down and soak in the vibrant vibes of the island. The pubs add a twist to the usual with their laid back nature and comfortable seating and delectable dishes, especially Cheers Pub at Cinnamon Grand Colombo. The atmosphere is delightful with its wooden tables and British Pub-like atmosphere. Enjoy a Pitcher with some of the best burghers in town!

The nightlife in Colombo is made for thrill-seekers and a night out is not complete of you haven’t made it to many different destinations in one night. Most of these places are not nightclubs though, some of them are just bars that stay open late into the night and have dangerously addictive party vibes. So while you’re at it make sure you drop by at these clubs to ensure that you get the best nightlife exposure Sri Lanka has to offer. Here’s a list of night clubs in Colombo you should not miss; Disques, Love Bar, The Chiller Room, RnB,, Silk, Curve, etc.
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Photo Credits- Dulan Dasunka

3. Thrilling experiences at Sri Lanka’s casinos

For the thrill-seekers visiting in Sri Lanka, add a twist to your trip and try your luck with the Casinos in Sri Lanka. Most of the Casinos in Sri Lanka have been in operation for many years and are the best in business. So don’t forget to try your luck at the jackpot. Bally’s Casino and Bellagio Casino are some such Casino’s that have been in business for quite some time. New casinos such as Stardust Casino and Casino Marina don’t fail to disappoint either. Get your game on and win big while you travel this paradise island.

The unique and exhilarating experiences that Sri Lanka has to offer does not go down with the sun. There are plenty of places to visit in Colombo at night and each of these places are packed with its own unique experiences perfectly curated for the adventure-seeker in you. Dress to kill, let your hair down and party all night long!

Author- Shenella Fonseka

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