Chasing waterfalls in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is widely known for the beautiful beaches that surround this paradise island. However, it doesn’t stop there! Sri Lanka is home to some breathtaking and mesmerizing waterfalls scattered in abundance all over the island. Sri Lanka Waterfalls are a sight to see and a feeling to experience while you’re in Sri Lanka. You might be surprised to see that some Waterfalls in Sri Lanka have natural pools to bathe in, while others may not and could only be appreciated from a distance.
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If you have no idea where to catch some truly Lankan waterfall, here’s a list of the best waterfalls in Sri Lanka:

1. Nagasthenna Waterfall

Nagasthenna is a lesser known waterfall in Sri Lanka, which is situated only 3.5 km away from Kandy. It is 75 meters in height and offers a truly magical view of the rushing waters from above that you must not miss. Cinnamon Citadel Kandy will provide the perfect place and atmosphere for you, while you enjoy and explore the picturesque waterfalls in Kandy.

2. Hunnas Falls

Hunnas Falls is situated 22km away from Kandy and the waterfall boasts a height of 38 meters. A magical view of the cascading waters adding that sparkle to your life. This waterfall is situated close to Cinnamon Citadel Kandy and you can make an excursion of a few hours from the hotel and head out to witness this beautiful waterfall in reality.
Asanka & Nirmani
Photo Credits: Asanka & Nirmani

3. Ravana Falls

Ravana Falls is a famous attraction in Ella and expect it to be crowded as many visitors are out there to catch a glimpse of this breathtaking waterfall in Ella. At a height of 25 meters, Ravana Ella is one of the wildest waterfalls in Sri Lanka and is only more beautiful during the rainy season.
Barbara Bedene
Photo Credits: Barbara Bedene

4. St. Clair Major Falls

Take a 500m walk through the tea estates of Nuwara Eliya to find this absolute beauty of a waterfall which flows from a height of 80 meters. This waterfall has is also called the Little Niagra of Sri Lanka and is most definitely a must-see waterfall in Sri Lanka.
Alyssa Ramos
Photo Credits: Alyssa Ramos

5. Devon Falls

Devon Falls which stands tall at 97 meters is famous for its tiered formation that only adds to the beauty of this waterfall which is also known as the Veil of the Valley. If you’re up for an adventure, you can make a great descent to the base of Devon through the tea estate.
Yehani Jay
Photo Credits: Yehani Jay

6. Huluganga Ella Waterfall

Here’s a waterfall in Kandy which you can visit while you enjoy your five-star holiday at the Cinnamon Citadel Kandy! Huluganga waterfall boasts a height of 75 meters and originates from the Knuckles mountain range. Contact our staff at Cinnamon Hotels and Resorts to get your visit to the waterfall curated perfectly to your requirements.

7. Ramboda Falls

Ramboda Fall is situated at a staggering 945 meters above sea level and can be found on your way from Kandy to Nuwara Eliya. This waterfall is considered to be the 11th highest waterfall in the Island and boasts a height of 109 meters. Visit Ramboda Falls for a truly memorable experience.
Photo Credits: jannahollema

8. Diyaluma Falls

This waterfall has made its mark on the world. At a height of 220m, it is renowned to be the 2nd highest waterfall in Sri Lanka and the 6th highest waterfall in the world. It makes an absolutely magical sight and a definite must see on your trip to Sri Lanka. It takes the unique shape of a horsetail after falling and leaping over a picturesque cliff.
Punsara Chamodya
Photo Credits: Punsara Chamodya

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