08 best things to do in Sri Lanka during April/May

Wondering when to make a visit to Sri Lanka? Hurry up! April/May might be the best time for you to visit the island that will never fail to give you an experience of a lifetime. There’s always an eclectic, fun and imaginative mix of things to do in Sri Lanka and a visit during April/May will ensure that you fall in love with our special breed of island magic. So let the tropical weather serenade you while you truly experience Sri Lanka in April.

While you’re in this paradise island during April/May, here are some thrilling experiences you should not miss;

1. Age old traditions and rich cultural rites of the Sinhala and Tamil New Year

The Sinhala and Tamil New Year or the Aluth Avurudda is one of the most highly celebrated festivals, not only by the Sinhalese and the Tamils but by most Sri Lankans. From the traditional sweet meats, auspicious times for various activities, Avurudu songs and games, will surely give out an aura of celebration wherever you go. Book your stay with Cinnamon Hotels and Resorts for a first hand experience of these Avurudu traditions and activities and feel part of the local festivities. It’s a truly Sri Lankan experience you wouldn’t want to miss!
new av

2. Wild and marine life safari

The elephants and whales steal the limelight among the varied wild and marine life. They are the star attractions in most safari’s in Sri Lanka. Hop on a cruise and sail the seas or get on board a 4×4 safari jeep and venture into the jungle to catch a glimpse of these majestic mammals that are plentiful in this island. Visit Cinnamon Hotels and Resorts during April/May to enjoy the bliss of our beautiful nature and abundant wild and marine life in 5-star comfort.

3. An eclectic culinary experience

This paradise island serves an eclectic and wide array of local and international cuisine. Among the Indian restaurants in Sri Lanka Chutney’s at Cinnamon Grand Colombo and Tandoor at Cinnamon Bey Beruwala definitely take the prize for the best Indian food; from the Dosai Bazaar which sits at one corner of Chutney’s to the creamy butter chicken, plentiful types of Naan and the Rasam, is bound to make your mouth water and your belly demand a taste of it. Indulge your tastebuds with the dishes richly infused with spices and flavour and savour the succulence and aroma of truly Indian cuisine at these restaurants.


4. Travel to the hill country

Travel by train or bus to the hilly Central Province of Sri Lanka, which is sure to astonish you with its mildly cold temperature, luscious greenery and breathtaking mountainous views. Walk through the streets of the beautiful and historic city of Kandy which homes the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic and wake up to a picture postcard view of the Mahaweli river at the Cinnamon Citadel Kandy. You must also enjoy the cold-climate while sipping a cup of refreshing Ceylon Tea to wind down and relax in the genteel highlands of Nuwara Eliya, often referred to as ‘Little England’. There’s so much to do in the hill country of Sri Lanka, plan a visit so you won’t miss out!
kandy new
Photo Credits: Danka Holzer

5. A stroll through nature

Hiking and trekking has become increasingly popular in Sri Lanka owing to the rich endowment of natural beauty, scenic views, natural and mountainous trails in Sri Lanka. Let your adventurous soul soar as you hike and trek some rocks of historic importance and full of luscious greenery. Don’t forget your cameras as these heights make for some great photographs and are sure to give you some memories you want to capture.
hike upcountry

6. Sun, sand and fun

Sri Lankan beach holidays are renowned for the galore of fun under the sun it provides. Relax on the sandy beaches of the southern coast with the salty breeze in your hair and let the warm tropical waters mesmerize you with all it has to offer. Keep fit, go for a swim, or simply relax! Make your holiday all the more luxurious and comfortable by entrusting it to Cinnamon Hotels and Resorts who will provide you with 5-star comfort, top-notch service and revitalizing spa treatments to rejuvenate your body and mind.
sun and sand

Photo Credits: Gabriela Bell

7. Daring water sports

Scuba diving, Surfing, Kitesurfing, Diving, Jet Skiing, Sea Rafting; you name it, we’ve got it! Add a spark of adventure to your trip to Sri Lanka during April/May and make some crazy memories with the exhilarating water sports on offer. It’s the place to be for all the adrenaline junkies out there for a truly spectacular and adventurous experience filled with thrill.
surfing new

8. A magical experience at The Clairvoyants

Make your visit to Sri Lanka a truly magical one with the mentalism duo, The Clairvoyants! The Clairvoyants in Sri Lanka is a once in a lifetime experience for those visiting in April! Witness the magic and mystery unfold as Amélie van Tass and Thommy Ten, the world champions of mindreading gear up to present a fabulous new world of mentalism and unique illusions to puzzle, trick and dazzle you with their mesmerizing showcase on the 4th of April 2019 at Nelum Pokuna Mahinda Rajapaksha Theatre Colombo.
claivoyants 3


There’s so much to see and so much to do in Sri Lanka if you visit at the appropriate time. There is no better time to plan a trip than in April/May to ensure that you experience Sri Lanka at its best! Cinnamon Hotels and Resorts are present in 10 locations within the island to make your journey here worthwhile. Use the Promo Code- “PC10” to get a further 10% off on our best available Bed & Breakfast and Room Only Rates on your booking.
Book yourself a treat, and enjoy the luxurious treatment you truly deserve!

Author: Shenella Fonseka

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