5 Things That Make Habarana Special!

5 Things That Make Habarana Special!

Located in the Northern central region of the Anuradhapura District in Sri Lanka, lies the small yet picturesque city of Habarana. Home to many luxury boutique hotels that co-exist with the area’s abundant flora and fauna, it is the perfect destination for travellers looking to unwind in eco-friendly luxury. The city’s intriguing history and wildlife make it a must-visit, with so much to see and experience, when in Sri Lanka. Habarana is in close proximity to many places of cultural significance, including the Minneriya Sanctuary, Sigiriya- the famed eighth wonder of the world, as well as the Dambulla Cave Temple.

1. Enjoy the safari adventure of a lifetime.


Habarana is the ideal destination for those who thirst for adventure and are nature enthusiasts. With elephants and other species of exotic wildlife in Sri Lanka calling the city home, it is the starting point for most safari tours around Minneriya Sanctuary.

2. A bird’s eye view of Habarana by hot-air balloon.


Feed your wanderlust by taking a trip over Minneriya National Park by hot air balloon. The city’s beautiful landscape and abundant wildlife will make for an unforgettable experience.

3. A boat-ride or kayak adventure on the lake.


Galkandawala Lake in Harabana is a popular choice for those desiring to immerse themselves in nature and sightsee. Major hotel chains in the vicinity, including Cinnamon Hotels, offer kayaking or boat riding facilities to guests along with locals who are known to let visitors to the region to use their boats, sometimes at no cost to them!

4. Explore the village of Hiriwadunna.

Experience the simplicity of the lives lead by people in the area by paying the traditional village of Hiriwadunna a visit. In doing so, you will avail yourself of the traditional warmth of Sri Lankan hospitality and even enjoy an authentic Sri Lankan meal at the village.

5. Make a trip to the Ritigala Forest Monastery.


The Ritigala Forest Monastery is one of the Ritigala mountain range’s hidden treasures. If peaceful walks in verdant nature are your forte, there could be no better place than the Ritigala Forest Monastery to do so in.

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