5 interesting Sri Lankan Elephant Facts

A tour to Sri Lanka is never complete without catching a glimpse of the majestic Sri Lankan elephants we so proudly home! Anytime is a good time to see an Elephant in Sri Lanka but they are fairly abundant during the dry season which begins in February and ends in June. Here are some Sri Elephant Facts that you’ll enjoy;

1. Largest elephants you’ll see in all of Asia!
The Sri Lankan elephant is the largest of the three subspecies of the Asian subspecies. Therefore, a Sri Lankan elephant would be much larger than those you see in India or Sumatra! On average, they’re about 11 feet tall and can weigh up to 5400kgs. Don’t miss out on these majestic creatures while you’re in Sri Lanka.

2. They’re all related!
The Sri Lankan elephant has shown a tendency to live in groups that are related by blood! So, when you see a group of elephants, don’t forget they are all related to each other. These packs are usually led by a matriarch who is usually the oldest and most experience female in the pack.

3. Hard working or hardly working? Somewhere in between!
Sri Lankan elephants are both browsers and grazers! They may decide to walk along and eat on the go or they may just stick to being in one place and munch on whatever is within reach! Usually, an adult elephant will eat as much a 300-400 lbs. of food per day and drink between 25 to 50 gallons of water daily.

4. A national treasure
Elephants are so important to Sri Lanka’s culture and even it’s identity. Elephants are a species that we’re proud to home! They’re further held in great cultural esteem and forms part of the infamous “peraheras” and other religious parades and rituals. The Sri Lankan Elephant named “Rajah”, whose tusks nearly touched the ground was even declared a national treasure in 1985.

5. Long live the majestic creatures
A Sri Lankan Elephant on average lives around 55 to 70 years, which more or less the same as an African Elephant. However, it is our duty to protect and guard the Elephants of Sri Lanka.

Seeing an elephant while you’re in Sri Lanka is a must. The best time to see elephants in Yala is also during the dry season which is fast nearing (Around February to June). The best place to see some of these majestic creatures are at the Yala National Park which is situated in close proximity to our property Cinnamon Wild Yala, and we at Cinnamon Wild Yala will curate the perfect Yala Safari Sri Lanka, for you whilst you stay with us. Elephants in Yala are a treat to anyone who decides to visit!

Fear not about your safety for we have out in place stringent health and safety measure through our latest initiative Cinnamon Care.

Author: Shenella Fonseka

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