5 Beautiful Lakes to Visit in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is truly a paradise island which is richly endowed with natural beauty. Oceans, mountains, plains, rivers, lakes, waterfalls; you name it and we’ve got it, in abundance. Sri Lanka is most famous for its ocean and beaches and the Lakes in Sri Lanka may sometimes go unnoticed. So, this article highlights five of the most beautiful lakes in Sri Lanka;

1. Kandalama Reservoir/Lake
The Kandalama Lake is a beautiful man-made lake with lush green foliage surroundings its banks. It has a 21 m high reservoir created as a result of the Kandalama Dam and serves as an irrigation tank up to Kekirawa region. The water from this lake is used for irrigation purposes in the surrounding regions. It is beauty and purpose all wrapped up together!

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2. Kala Weva Lake
The Kala Weva Lake is the largest lake in Sri Lanka and boasts a rich history. This lake is said to have been built by King Datusena in the year 307 B.C. The lake has a capacity of 123 million cubic meters, and it serves the nearby areas for irrigation purposes. A 12 m high statue of Lord Buddha is another popular attraction in the vicinity of the Kala Weva Lake. Don’t miss out on this beautiful and historic masterpiece.


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3. Parakrama Samudraya
This lake was also built by an ancient king of Sri Lanka. The Parakrama Samudraya (also known as King Parakrama’s sea or the Sea of King Parakrama) was built by King Parakramabahu the Great (1153-1186) and is a shallow reservoir that has five different reservoirs. The dam of Parakrama Samudraya is 14 km in length and 12.2 m in height. The body of water covers 5350 acres with an average depth of 25 feet. Over 18000 acres of paddy land is supported by this reservoir.

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4. Sembuwatta Lake
Located within the village of Elkaduwa in Matale district of Sri Lanka, the Sembuwatta Lake has become a tourist hotspot for the beautiful and lush greenery surrounding the mesmerizing man-made lake. The lake was created from natural spring water and there is a natural swimming pool right alongside the lake. The water body is around 9 m to 12 m deep and is used to generate electricity for the nearby villages.

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5. Tissa Lake
Tissa Lake is yet another lake which is intertwined with the history of Sri Lanka. It is believed to have been built in the 3rd century B.C. either by Mahanaga of Ruhuna or his successor Yatala Tissa of Ruhuna. The lake was built to irrigate paddy lands in the region and supply water to the city of Tissamaharama and still manages to fulfill the purposes. The area surrounding the lake is full of scenic views that you will love to enjoy, so do not miss out!

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Author : Shenella Fonseka

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