10 amazing places to visit in Sri Lanka you didn’t know existed

Sri Lanka is known for its sandy beaches, luscious greenery, abundant wildlife and friendly people but hidden within these are beautiful and mind-boggling places that will take your breath away! There are many places to visit in Sri Lanka but the real treat is to venture into the roads less travelled and discover these hidden places in Sri Lanka.

Here’s a list of unknown places in Sri Lanka that you must visit;

1. Delft Island – Jaffna

Island in the island? That sounds about right! This little island is located in the area between India’s state of Tamil Nadu and the Northern part of Sri Lanka – Delft is known for its population of wild horses roaming around, old Delft Fort, an ancient Baobab tree and how Palmyra toddy and crafts are made by local farmers.
delft 2
Photo Credits: Tharindu Dassanayake

2. Richmond Castle – Kalutara

The Richmond Castle is an Edwardian mansion built in the 1900s; a symbol of love adorned with flora and fauna of vibrant colours. Take a walk up the gravel pathway decorated with curious marble statues and canopied in greenery to catch a spectacular first glimpse of the regal Richmond Castle.
Photo Credits: Milena Zhuraeva

3. Brief Garden – Beruwala

Brief Garden by Bewis Bava is definitely a piece of heaven on earth! Exotic and lush; a vast array of sculptures fill the garden, while many hidden spaces with benches, tables, ponds, and a bathing fountain add charm to this unique attraction. Soothe your mind by taking a walk in the garden but keep a look out for exotic birds and monkeys!
brief garden (1)
Photo Credits: Lenpavlova

4. Buduruwagala Temple- Wellawaya

Buduruwagala means “the rock with the statue of Buddha”, it is an ancient temple complex that consists of 7 statues carved into a rock which dates back to the 10th century. Witness the beauty of this hidden wonder while you stay at Cinnamon Wild Yala.
Photo Credits: Ian Husband

5. Udawattekele- Kandy

Longing to be a part of Sri Lanka’s rich history? Then wander into the Udawattakele Forest that was once forbidden to commoners and reserved only for the ‘blue-blooded’. Explore the many trails and hidden ruins within this forest reserve and soak it all in. And the best part? It’s just a quick drive from Cinnamon Citadel Kandy.
Photo Credits: Journey through Sri Lanka

6. Rummassala Temple- Unawatuna

This ancient temple is subject to many legends and is even featured in the Ramayana as home to the beautiful Queen Sita. From the magnificent statue of Hanuman, the Japan Peace Pagoda to countless medicinal herbs that still grow in this area, Rumassala provides evidence for the folklore it boasts of.
Photo Credits: Mr Kit

7. Ritigala Rock Monastery – Ritigala

This one’s definitely a road less travelled and yet is a must-see in Sri Lanka. Hike up to this rock monastery where apart from the monastery complex itself, it homes 70 rock caves that were believed to have been inhabited since the first century BC. Don’t let the journey scare you and keep you from visiting this mystic beauty.
Photo Credits: Kamini Pather

8. Pindurangala Rock – Sigiriya

Why should Sigiriya Rock get all the attention when Pindurangala is right around the corner, right? Boasting some of the best views of the Sigiriya Rock and its surroundings it is also home to a beautiful cave temple. You will never regret the climb; the view is a reward!

9. Wewurukannala Vihara – Dikwella

This temple is a much less visited yet a mind-bogglingly beautiful site which is dominated by an image of a seated Buddha. Boasting a height of 160ft, it is the largest statue in all of Sri Lanka and dates back to the time of King Rajadhi (1782 – 1798). Also see the less seen! The Temple includes a part on life size models of demons and sinners shown in graphic detail. Don’t miss out!
Photo Credits: Jessica Lawrie

10. Lankathilaka Temple – Kandy

Built entirely atop an uneven rock surface and rising up to a height of eighty feet, this temple is another must-see destination that is mostly skipped by tourists. Beautiful arches and sculptures enhance the thick outer walls, making this an architectural marvel of its times. Visit this temple which can be reached conveniently during your stay at Cinnamon Citadel Kandy.
Photo Credits: Lahiru Wishva

Author: Shenella Fonseka

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