07 Best activities to try during Christmas in Sri Lanka

Although Sri Lanka is a year-round destination, Sri Lanka in December takes on a vibrant air all together. The spirit of Christmas comes alive with the colourful decorations, shopping bonanzas and the slightly colder climate during December. Christmas in Sri Lanka is a must experience and definitely a unique one!

Nisha Seneviratne
Photo Credits: Nisha Seneviratne

Here are some activities you can try during your Christmas-stay in Sri Lanka;

1. Christmas at the Galle Face

Situated just a couple of meters away from Cinnamon Grand Colombo, the Galle Face turns into a carnival and fair closer to Christmas and a Christmas tree is put up to celebrate the occasion. It is at the Galle Face that in 2016, Sri Lanka built the world’s tallest Christmas tree and achieved the Guinness World Record for “Tallest artificial Christmas tree”.

2. Taste some Sri Lankan Christmas Cake

You may not find an abundance of Christmas Pudding with brandy butter around here in Sri Lanka, but you’re sure to encounter a piece of Sri Lankan Christmas Cake while you tour Sri Lanka during Christmas. Buy yours at the nearest bakery or at Cinnamon Hotels and Resorts.
Roshini Karunatilleke
Photo Credits: Roshini Karunatilleke

3. Truly Sri Lankan Christmas with Cinnamon

Want to enjoy your Christmas brunch in a truly Sri Lankan manner? We’ve got the best local Christmas fix for you at the Nuga Gama Restaurant at Cinnamon Grand Colombo. Indulge in all the local favourites and enjoy Christmas like the locals do! Don’t miss out on this essentially Sri Lankan experience during Christmas. Dine at Nuga Gama and celebrate Christmas Eve in Sri Lanka in style.
Photo Credits: adventuresbyshey

Photo Credits: ayanthiwicks

4. Christmas by the beach

Missing your usual white Christmas? Missing the cold weather and the snow man you could have built? Do not fret because Sri Lanka has the best alternative! Spend your Christmas by the beach, surround yourself with the azure waters, golden sand and build a sand snowman instead; make it a truly Lankan Christmas! While you enjoy Christmas by the beach, let our chefs at Cinnamon Bey Beruwala and Hikka Tranz by Cinnamon cook up the perfect Christmas meals for you!

5. Festive Christmas brunch

If you decide to spend Christmas in Colombo, you’re sure to feel the Christmas spirit with the streets being decorated with fairy lights, green, red and gold. You will feel right at home when you travel the streets of Colombo. Take your tastebuds on a journey never to be forgotten when you taste our succulently delicious food at the Christmas brunches hosted by all our Cinnamon Hotels and Resorts.
Cinnamon Lakeside
Photo Credits: Cinnamon Lakeside

6. Christmas in the hills

Missing the chilly weather during Christmas? Enjoy the weather, nature and all the beauty that is beheld in the hill capital of Sri Lanka. Wake up to a beautiful view and dine with the Mahaweli river as your Christmas brunch back drop at Cinnamon Citadel Kandy! We’re sure that you will enjoy every minute you spend celebrating Christmas in Kandy.
Sahil Banga
Photo Credits: Sahil Banga

7. Witness the opening of Cinnamon Bentota Beach

This Christmas marks the start of something new for us at Cinnamon Hotels and Resorts! This December, you can join us at the grand opening of Cinnamon Bentota Beach for a luxurious holiday in which we guarantee the best food, atmosphere and the vibrant Christmas spirit at its maximum! Experience wide array of delectable dishes and celebrate Christmas in style at our newest location; we are waiting to welcome you!

Author: Shenella Fonseka

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